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5 Reasons To Respect Top Not Hair Stylists


Hey everyone! Just to let you know… my new blog is at katiepezzutto.ca! Feel free to visit me there for more fresh content. This will be the last official blog I post here because my new website is much cooler…

Okay, so I’ve had some awful and I mean AWFUL hairstyles over the years. I remember visiting a “top” salon in Cranbrook where all the women were receiving purple tints. That should have been an indicator right there, “don’t do it.”

But I did anyway.

Did I regret my choice? Yep. Sure did.

I left the salon with a bleach-blonde skunk streak trailing through the front of my hair, way less tresses than I intended and the sweet stench of hot iron burn lingering on my frizzy strands. Yeah, I wasn’t too happy.

My second most traumatizing experience took place in a salon similar to the first one. Ultimately I left looking like Marilyn Monroe, when she was in her thirties. Nothing wrong with looking like Marilyn but my gosh… I was fifteen years old and had begged my hairstylist to PLEASE, PLEASE, please keep it long.

Once again, a hairstylist who went hog wild with the scissors and destroyed my dream to be a long-haired beach babe.

So here I am, after many years of trying to find someone who knows what they are doing. Since moving to Lethbridge I have discovered that there are many hairstylists who take their craft very seriously. The professionals I have encountered have trained hard to provide the excellent services that they do.

Here are my top five reasons to respect top notch hairstylists. Top notch meaning the ones who are passionate about their craft and don’t let you leave looking like a marmot. Is it even possible…to look like a marmot because of a hair cut?

You decide.



a) Top notch hairstylists make you feel welcomed and relaxed, even they aren’t feeling either themselves.

There have been many times when I’ve stepped into a hair studio and felt angry at the world and or stressed out. If the hairstylist is excellent, he or she will pick up on these feelings and ask you about them. They work very hard to ensure you are relaxed in their salon and at home. Given the fact that many of us live very hectic lives, this is quite the task and they do it so very well, even when there last customer happened to be a complete jerk wad.


b) They are on their feet, a lot and don’t complain about it! If they weren’t standing when they cut our hair we would all be doomed to look like marmots.

‘Nuff said.


c) It has cost them dearly. 

Hairstylists who are excellent have worked HARD and dished out a lot of money to do what they do. A friend of mine was explaining to me how much equipment alone costs.

Try to guess which pair of scissors costs $1500 and which one costs $60.


Give up?

The costs from left to right are, $1500, $600, $400, $200, $60, $150, $60. In total, these pieces of equipment alone costs more than my first car did…. again, nuff said.


d) They are very fair with their pricing.

When you are going to a good salon you are paying for quality. I’ve heard from many people that haircuts are just too dang expensive at top notch salons. Feel free to check out this article. It breaks down prices for a high quality stylist and helps make sense of the costs.


e) They are chemists.

The fact that slight variations in a mixture can provide results very different than what was requested is terrifying. Top notch hairstylists must not only understand but master ph levels. They are responsible to know and treat the differences between eumelanin and pheomelanin. Hairstylists use certain chemicals to re-balance the ratio and volume of each in order to apply lasting hair color. If one chemical in the mix is a little off balance you will not get the desired results.


There are many more points I could make but I will sum this article up with a sentence:

these people are superheros.

If you don’t have a top notch hair stylist and are tired of the results maybe it’s time to find one.

Also, please make sure to thank you hairstylist for the amazing work they have done and are doing. A tip once and a while sure doesn’t hurt either. We all appreciate being appreciated when we work hard and these people… they work hard!

A big thank you to the hair salon and stylist that inspired this post, Jordan at Brio in Lethbridge. Every time I visit I am received like royalty and leave feeling like a stunner.

With much love,

K.L Pezzutto


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Respect Top Not Hair Stylists

  1. I AM a hairstylist (by day!) lol You’re very right about everything you said. We work every weekend, every holiday, we’re up early for your wedding and work late for prom. We come in on our day off for funerals and squeeze you in, just one hour later than we meant to work, because we knew you had a big date that night. Our children are in bed by the time we get home and our bosses are always, always, always (At least in my experience- like every salon I’ve worked in for the past ten years!) controlling and a tad mean. It’s highly competitive and super fast paced but the day goes by quick because we have all these lovely people to talk to 🙂 Most of the time they’re lovely anyway…

    My number one tip for finding a good stylist is to find one who really LISTENS to you. If she/he listening to your stories and remembers your life details, she/he will respect your hair, get your vibe and do what you want (So long as it’ll look good!).

    Great post!

    1. Leah! Thanks so much for speaking up and giving a face to the post! ❤ I really respect the work that you do. I hope this post inspires others to continue to respect those amazing people who do the hard work.

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