Life With God

What To Do When You’re Tempted To Cheat


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I couldn’t believe it. I was with Him again and this meeting was even more intimate than most. As we walked through the thickly wooded forest we discussed life, joy, pain, sorrow and calling. We talked about purpose. Ah purpose. The topic I could not stop bringing to the proverbial table…

Midway through our walk I stopped to stare out at a sparkling lake and smiled. Our conversation was a reflection of all our past meetings. Just as always, this get-together was so special, foreign and not understood by many.

After explaining to those people what it was like to be caught up in His unwavering gaze and the warmth of His touch they would usually say, “Glad it works for you” or “that’s nice Katie but why don’t you try something else? They would state then ask, “He is a tyrant who feeds you what you want to hear then demands everything of you. Why are you still with Him?”

I glanced over at my companion. The gentleness in His eyes was evident as He met my gaze. He smiled and walked over to a large rock, our resting place. My eyes followed His gait, my mind reflected on times past. He was my best friend. The One who had walked with me through each circumstance, no matter how challenging. He never left. He never abandoned me… even when I had cheated on Him, multiple times but recognition, food and success never won out. They always left me longing for more whereas He had filled every void with just the sound of His voice.

That’s why my heart would sting after hearing peoples’ responses to our relationship. It did not hurt because I had been proven wrong or because I was missing out on other more exciting relationships. No, my heart broke because those who spoke mildly of my Love did not know what they were missing.

Oh, if only they knew! If only they knew how amazing it is to be snuggled close to the One who loves them more than anyone on this planet! If only they knew. 


“Yes.” His warm eyes danced as though lit with flame as I spoke His name.

“Those who don’t know you and hold bitterness against you or unbelief…can you please show them how beautiful You are? Could you please show them how much you love them? Please show them how real you are.”

He gaze remained on me for a moment before turning back to the pristine lake. “I would love to. I would really love to…keep praying for their hearts My Love. When someone stands in the gap for them and prays for them it opens their hearts and melts the blinders off their eyes.”

“I will…” I glanced down at the inky dirt beneath my sandals then back up at the lake. It was easy to forget that He loved them even more than I did but of course He did. It sucked that there was only so much I could do to acquaint them with each other… they had to be willing.

My attention shifted as He spun around on the rock, a big grin lined his features.”Hey! You know what?”

“What?” My eyes widened. He liked to surprise me with new things. I half expected a moose or some other majestic creature to creep out of the brush and start talking to me.

“I love you.” I tilted my head, looked into his gaze and grinned, completely overwhelmed by the fact that someone so perfect loved me like He did. “I love you too.”

In that moment, with our eyes locking and the musky smell on fresh pine lingering in the air I realized something. There was no love like the love I had found. There was no reason to cheat, to run to my looks or my ability to score an A on a test. My validation could not be found in them.

Although the temptations remained, the One who defined my worth remained as well… and he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

My friends, please consider this a reminder to remember who the true Love of your heart must be. If you desire a life filled with joy, peace and validation from the One who loves you with all His heart, choose Jesus and nothing else.

With Love,

K.L Pezzutto

A reminder… what we should do when we have allowed ourselves to worship things meaningless things that are not Jesus ❤


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