Life With God

#1 Reason To Take A Break From Social Media

The day before yesterday (to be incredibly specific) I was scrolling through my feed on Instagram. A couple minutes passed before I moved on over to feast on the succulent offerings of Youtube.

While there it didn’t take long for me to notice one thing: that almost everyone had a perfect ombre and flashy, white grin. The people I was viewing acted great on camera and sold their product, usually themselves, like it was no one’s business.

I started to focus on all folks who were my age and now making millions. I waved a microscope atop my “inadequacy” and didn’t waver in my analysis of the obvious.

Basically, I gave myself the permission to start to feel a little sorry for myself.

Thoughts like: why didn’t I start a Y channel sooner or win that prestigious writing competition? Why didn’t I get into acting or some kind of dramatics when I was younger? I could be a millionaire by now! The world could be blessed by all that I have to offer them.

Ultimately, my pondering boiled down to one key question: why is it that I am not good enough?

Friends, it doesn’t take me to tell you that we are bombarded my media everywhere we go. We are often told that the definition of success lies in fame, money and doing good things for others. While none of these things are inherently bad, they can’t define us. Just because we haven’t succeeded in those areas does not mean we aren’t worthy of love, attention and affirmation. It also does not mean that we are going to like where we end up for eternity. It also doesn’t mean that we don’t have anything to live for while we are here on earth.

If you struggle with the same thoughts and feelings that I do I would like to offer you a challenge. Take a three break from the media world and spend some of that time with Jesus. Instead of turning to the media with questions about your worth ask Him to show you how He sees you.

Not only will you be amazed by how much extra time you have to do other things, you will also have the chance to see yourself through the lens of the One who made you and sees you as invaluable, no matter how many figures you may have to your name.

Joy & Blessings ❤

K.L Pezzutto

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