Life With God

You Are Important: Do You Want To Know Why?

Okay, so you are probably thinking that I’m going to go off on some speel about the fact that God made you, thus you have been automatically placed in the hypo important category, right?


Right. Well, although that is true, it’s that’s not what I want to let you in on today because I have slight inkling that many have heard it time and time again. As a result of these constant reminders (repetitive with no practical application) the truth does not impact us as strongly. It’s lost its “omph”.

To regain traction and the power of a good “omph” I wanted to give you a little example as to what your importance looks like.

Imagine this: you are the most popular celebrity in the world. Everyone loves you. You have access to all the money you could possibly want. The press follows your moves (like jagger…because they can). They want to keep up with you because news about your life becomes instant coin for them.

Your adoring fans politely ask for your autograph everywhere you go. They admire you and who wouldn’t? You look amazing in every shot the paps take of you. (Wait…did Katie say paps? Paps, yes. Ew. Yes, ew. This is the satirical nickname I will be using in my newest book…some of my older readers will understand the significance).

When they take a shot it’s as though their lens is made of the gold your face filters into their khaki pockets.

Now, let’s turn this little analogy on its head.

Try to imagine this for a moment… that God. Yes God, the Creator of EVERYTHING ever freaking made, is your biggest fan. Better yet, imagine that the emotion behind everything I have just mentioned is felt by God towards you. He loves you more than all the people in the world ever could (in case you hadn’t already figured this out, people’s love is fallible and is but a mere reflection of God’s love). He waits for you expectantly each day. He wants to sit down and talk with you.

Dang, He wants His love to overtake you in a way that would overwhelm you. He wants you to know that He has amazing plans for you. More than the most crazy of fans He wants your autograph in His book of life and may even be calling you to write about the life He has given you.

EVERY sight of you that He sees is ravishing. You are without flaw or blemish to Him. You have been fearfully and wonderfully made by Him and He is infatuated. Forget needing pop songs to dance… this God sings AND dances over you because He is so dang enthralled by you.

Gosh darn golly gee whiz kraft dinner…

Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself of reality, even when it doesn’t seem as tangible as my earthly “reality”.

Today I urge you to stop what you are doing, even for just a brief moment, and do the same. Reflect on the fact that He is in absolute LOVE with you and that this is where your value should be placed, in the forever loving hands of a God who is PASSIONATE for you and pleased with you. You could not be any better…your mistakes don’t scare Him away because…. love NEVER fails.


K.L Pezzutto

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Ah yes…back on track…to keep things in healthy perspective… this song always reminds me of how overwhelming He is to me ❤  please ask Him to show you His amazing love for you while you listen. You won’t be disappointed. I guarantee it.

This song is pretty darn dope too. As you listen to it, realize that you are without blemish or bump. You are FLAWLESS!


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