Overcoming Obstacles

The #1 Thing That Is Killing Our Generation


What cyclical trend is wounding and killing the children, youth and adults of not only our past but our present generations?

Fathers missing in action.

When I say the word “father” I don’t only mean the man who lives under the roof of your house, who gave life to you and who takes you fishing from time to time. While those are all good things they don’t encompass the magnitude of what a father truly is. When I say “father” I mean, a man who understands his call and purpose, to understand God as the perfect Father he never had and to act as a representation of God, the heavenly Father.

To be more specific: 

I am talking about a man who would give his life to protect his daughter. He is her warrior in the physical, spiritual and mental. He fights for her and would kill anything that might try to come near her. I am talking about a father who tells his little girl how worthy and loved she is through his actions and his words.

A father who prays with his little girl and instills wisdom within her spirit and heart. This wisdom will help her soar with freedom and conquer new worlds, the way God wants her to. A father who passes on a legacy of strength, faith, hope and life because that is what he has been filled up with by his Heavenly Father. That’s the kind of father I am talking about.

So many men don’t know how to fulfill these requirements because we live in a very broken world and they were not raised by one.

Because of this lack, many precious daughters are not raised to know their true value. This results in so many heart wounds, mistaken identities and the continued affliction of heart wounds on those around. I have seen this in so many of the youth I mentor, my peers and my colleagues.

I was, for many years, without a true father. I am still healing from the fact that I didn’t have a daddy to affirm my value as a beautiful daughter, no matter what I looked like. I, especially in my teen years, would strive to be the most beautiful, successful, sought after woman on the planet but even after I received affirmation I found myself to still be searching. I needed something more to fill the emptiness that left a huge void in my broken heart.

Precious Daughters, if you haven’t been introduced to the Father who loves you more than anything else on this planet. I want to give you a glimpse of what that love looks like. I would like you to understand the INCREDIBLE, insurmountable love that God, your Heavenly Father has for you.

You know those things we look for in a man?


A strong hand as a guide, strength by your side. He would give anything to see you succeed. He feels your pain when you do. We want a man who listens and who understands, one who cares and woes us with flowers, chocolates or whatever we may happen to love (sloths in my case). We want to be seen as beautiful and known as valuable. I repeat for emphasis: we LONG to be seen and known as BEAUTIFUL AND VALUABLE.

Guess what?

Our Heavenly Father designed us to want these things and this is not a bad thing. The way we feel about being wooed, held close, looked at with great love and cherished as the most expensive, exquisite diamond earth’s caverns ever gave life to is a desire the Creator of All placed within us.

The only problem is this, we live in a world with so much busyness and distraction, fear and doubt. We hear people and voices in our heads telling us God must not be real because of our circumstances and or pain. He must not be real, there’s no evidence. There’s no Heavenly Father, you might say. You might this this chick, Katie, is loony…

Oh, dear friends… there is evidence all around us. There is evidence within our very hearts, souls, minds and bodies that we have not been able to unpack and understand.

Look at the mind, we have huge research centers working towards understanding our minds and yet we know SO LITTLE. There are so many self help books on calming the soul. I have tried many but none have worked except the Word of God, truth.

There are also books telling us how to have a toned body because when we do then we will feel better about ourselves but maybe that wasn’t the problem in the first place…maybe it was our lack of understanding about where our value really comes from, our Heavenly Father who adores us in every circumstance and no matter what weight we hold.

Yes, we don’t understand the deep recesses of our hearts but there is a God who does. I have met Him and been healed greatly by His sovereign hand.

Your Heavenly Father is closer than your breath. He wants you to turn to Him so He can envelop you in His never ending love.

Romans 8:37-39 -“No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

I think it’s about time to wrap this up…

This morning I was listening to the song/spoken word included below and bawling as I did.

If you want to meet with this Heavenly Father, the One who will teach you the truth about yourself and your unending value, I recommend you place yourself in the protagonist’s position (the boy’s) and just listen.

No, it’s not Drake or Lecrae but that’s totally okay… please tough it out. It’s worth it.

Much love,




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