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3 Ways To Tell If He’s Definitely Into You


As I begin to write this I am also thinking about what I am doing, pure evil genius, and am tickled pink with the prospect of giving both guys and girls some nudges in the right direction. Ladies, no longer will you have to wonder if his dreamy, steamy eyes locking with yours was an accident or if he really was…gasp! Staring at you!

*cue over dramatized hair flip by Pantene Pro-V lady*

Men, you will now know that your signals have indeed been observed, calculated and now distributed to many lovely ladies…you’re welcome.

I, from my many moons, of observation (creepy old owl lady) and experience am here to give you some pointers as to if that man-oh-man is into you. If you would really rather not have him pursue you…well, that’s another blog for another time and it will happen because that kind of advice is pertinent with a capital p but I didn’t capitalize this one because I’m feeling lazy. You’re welcome.

With all that being said I do realize that I am not diving into depth with specifics here. For example, as I write this post I have not considered how long you have known him or anything of that nature but living without specifics this time around is okay. I am giving you general advice that may or may not (most likely will) apply to your situation.

I digress…you’re ready for the good stuff aren’t you?

Or perhaps you think I’m being a little over zealous of my abilities to unlock the male mind and pull some valid info for you ladies but perhaps I am not… why don’t you keep reading?

How To Tell If He’s In To You

1. He looks at you, A LOT – this may sound a little bit creepy but that’s okay. Just think of it this way: the sunrise is beautiful. We crazy prairie folk wake up real early to give that golden glow a good stare. The sunrise doesn’t accuse us of being creepy. It just keeps bringing its glory and beauty with it every day.

That guy, the one who look at you a lot, thinks you’re beautiful…like a sunrise, but even better…because you have eyes and a nose. You have a face and most guys like women who have faces. Oh my goodness…why am I writing today?!

Men who are into you will also give a lot of eye contact but with that being said, please keep in mind that just because they are doing this doesn’t mean they are in to you…some men are just genuinely listening because they are amazing men. It’s important to read the entire picture and piece together all elements before deciding if he’s really in to you.

2. Watch his body talk – does he sit close to you or try to get closer to you when you’re in the room? Is he leaning towards you? Are his feet angled towards you? These are all signs that he is definitely interested.

When Alex and I started dating, one of the first things he did was shave off his atrocious beard. On that day, all the voices of heaven and earth joined together to sing praises. I swear I could hear it… or maybe it was just my voice…echoing off my shower walls.

If you want to know if this guy likes you or not just watch…does he smooth out his tie, put gel in his hair and make sure he’s smelling nice when he knows you are going to be around? If this is the case chances are he may be in to you.

3. Body contact – just because a guy flinches a little when you accidentally brush fingers or lean up against each other doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. Sometimes this happens because he is a little shy. Generally, men who are interested in you will try to make contact of some sort. When I sat with Alex the first time at church we had our arms pressed up against each others…he even saw my elbow that day! So scandalous.

Well, that’s my list. If you think there’s anything I should add I would ask you to let me know! I am interested to hear about your experience with this sort of thing.

Happy discerning! 

Much love,



2 thoughts on “3 Ways To Tell If He’s Definitely Into You

  1. Fun post! I would also add, “When he makes time for you.” We live in a busy society, but we still make time for what, or in this case who, is truly important to us. A guy who finds the time to stay in touch and engage you in conversation very likely is interested in you.

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