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Why Your Feelings Aren’t What You Think


You would probably be quite amused by some of the situations I got myself into, particularly incidents that took place in a grand place called “middle school”. For the sake of our topic, feelings, I figured I would draw one up from my well of shame and share it with you. For the sake of privacy, I have changed the names but don’t be disappointed, it’s still juicy.

 “Oh my goodness, Kels!” I shrieked as I grabbed my best friend’s arm. “He is so incredibly cute. He’s loves soccer and always smells like Old Spice. I want to marry this guy, today” My friend eyed me quizzically. I let go of her arm, grabbed a large chunk of my hair and smiled anxiously as I spun it around my finger viciously.

“Yeah…” Kelsey began. “Minus the fact that he really likes Amanda and has asked her out on a date like a million times.”

“Well yeah but she hasn’t said yes yet and I really, really like him!”

“It’s not going to go anywhere Kate… He has liked Amanda since we were in elementary school.” I shrugged my shoulders and continued to twirl my short hair. How could I get his attention? How could I bring his attention to the fact that I was alive?

 “Oh!” I shrieked. “I know what I can do!”

Kelsey breathed in deeply then exhaled in with a short tuft of air. “What?” She tilted her head and stared at me doubtfully.

“He loves brownies. I’ll make him a huge plate of amazing, gooey brownies.”

My best friend rolled her eyes, picked up a pencil and started on a doodle. “It’s your funeral.”

I kept very insightful friends.

Indeed, it was my funeral. I, in my great excitement, ended up putting way too much of something unsavoury in the brownies then proceeded to place them all on top of each other before they cooled. This resulted in each morsel becoming rock hard and sticking to the others, forming a perfect mound of brown…yumminess? Oh, well. At least I got some batter out of it, and no reported case of salmonella… I did get some weird looks from the cute boy though…

In short, the moral of the story being this:

Feelings, if not considered with great care, can lead us down the wrong path. Just because we feel something does not mean that what we are coming to believe is truth. Just because I thought I would marry this guy meant it was going to happen. Just because I thought I could make the best brownies ever did not mean it could happen, I hadn’t had hardly enough practice at that point.

On a more serious note, we think might think something along these lines: “man I feel like an ugly beast today.” As soon as we glance in the mirror and allow this to be our disposition we instantly think that what we feel must be the truth and allow this idea to run our thoughts for us. This is SO unfortunate when in reality we are seen as PERFECT creations, reflections of the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

Whenever an emotion arises, take the time to check it with the truth of God before acting on it. Also, remember that you have access to the throne room of God at any and all moments. Continue to ask God for wisdom to know how to discern if what you are feeling and how to act on that feeling.


K.L Pezzutto


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