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Tip #3: So You Still Want To Change The World?


Picture this, there is a giant dessert sitting in front of you. No, not a desert. A dessert…like a chocolate cake but this one is MASSIVE. Say what? You don’t like sweets? Well, picture a giant desert instead and try to bear with me anyway. Anyway, this giant dessert has been set before you and is practically begging to be eaten.

You know what… I don’t think this is the best analogy for what I am about to tell you…I just got back from the gym and REALLY want something sweet to munch on. Oh vay…

In all seriousness, what I would like you to do is think of a person who inspires you, a band you would love to see in concert or a celebrity you internet stalk on a weekly basis. Have you chosen your person, band, celebrity or whatever?


Isn’t it interesting how simple that was? Why do you think it was so easy?

I have a theory…

and my theory is this: we have all been hardwired to worship something. This desire to adore and look up to someone has been set into our brains and our hearts. Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that appreciating someone for their gifting and or talents is worshiping that person but I do think we can allow our appreciation of that subject to get out of hand at times. We can start to loose focus. It is so important that we check ourselves to make certain that that person is not overshadowing our view of how great God is, the One who made all that lives and breathes. I think we, in contemporary Christian culture can easily allow this tendency to sweep over us.

So here’s my tip to becoming a world changer: choose who you worship carefully. This choice will ultimately shape who you become.

We tend to look at organizations, worship leaders and pastors before we take time to gaze upon the One who made and orchestrated it all. What happens when we do this is we loose sight of the One who wants us to be in deep intense communion with Him. We loose our grasp on reality by viewing the tangible as all that is perceivable. We choose to not look beyond what we can see which ultimately stints our ability to cause crazy change, that actually matters, in the world around us. Following and listening to people who love the Lord is an excellent idea and highly encouraged but we need to make certain that our highest praise goes to the Lord as He is the One we will stand before on that final day! We want to be able to say that we did all for Him and for Him to acknowledge that we allowed Him to get to know us personally and intimately. At least I do!

I am guilty of not always acknowledging how powerful, majestic and awe inspiring God is. I have realized this lately, hence this lovely, little post.

So, now that we’re all aware, let’s make certain we are placing our highest worship and adoration exactly where it belongs, in the hands of the God who formed and loves all, the God who has the best plan possible in mind for us! He is so great and so loving, lets let Him know that we know it ;P

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4


K.L Pezzutto



One thought on “Tip #3: So You Still Want To Change The World?

  1. Thank you Katie!! You are such an inspiration to myself and many others!! I pray that someday you will write for a magazine or paper, so you can glorify Him everywhere!! It’s Amazed me that this little girl that I was privileged ton teach how to kneel down, bow her head and give thanks to God, is now inspiring me to worship Him with all I have!! Hair straight back for Jesus!! Love you Mom

    Dianna 🌹


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