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2 Steps To Become A World Changer


I have come to find that attending liberal arts university is great for a myriad of things but not so swimmingly wonderful for others. While attending I have had the chance to connect with passionate people and mine the brilliant minds of my astute professors. That being said, attending a liberal arts university has, on many occasions, made me question the core of who I am and what I believe as well as my liberty to express those beliefs.

Before attending I used to be incredibly outspoken about God’s love, his original plan for us and the passionate sacrifice, His life (!!!) that He gave to us. I used to be so eager to show and tell those around me the importance of the words my best friend uttered from the cross, “Father please forgive them for they know not what they do.” In this state of abandon I also used to have so much more freedom. Great joy resulted from that freedom. I didn’t care what people thought of me. I only wanted them to see Jesus, I couldn’t give a rip about who was watching me and or what they might have been thinking… this is a key characteristic of a world changer, living in abandonment to your cause, your passion.

I had this down pat but something started to change in my heart.

As stated earlier, when I tried voicing my opinions on particular issues, particularly Bill 10 and the transgender debate, the responses from my colleagues and classmates were been so pointed and hateful that I took sick for a while then, for the sake of peace, eventually started flowing with whatever anyone else said. I didn’t want them to lash out at me. I didn’t want to sting or feel hurt. As a result I started to become bitter towards the people who were making poor, hasty choices on behalf of our nation. I was angered by the ignorance of my colleagues. I started shutting down and losing the joy that had been my strength.

Even worse, I started to become apathetic about reaching people with God’s truth and treating them in an incredibly loving way, just as Jesus did. I found that loving my neighbor as myself grew particularly difficult when these people would leave incredibly rude comments on my wall and would ignore my comments in class. I felt disrespected, hurt and encouraged to continue creeping into my shell but the Lord’s gentle whisper to my heart told me that this wasn’t a solution. God reminded me who I was and told me that He was (and is) always with me.

After chatting with Him it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was, and am, a Christ follower. This means that I do what He does, I go where He goes. I act like He acts. I love when it hurts and give until I have nothing left. In a practical sense this means: I don’t give up on the school system. I keep working towards the education degree and remain open to the prospect of teaching in a public school. God can and will do incredibly things in any situation but we must invite Him first.

From my experience I would like you, cherished reader, to learn and hold onto two key practices that are incredibly important. If we lose track of these things we can quickly fall into lukewarm thinking and fail to become the world-changers we have been created to be. No one who went with the group stood out and made a difference. No one who was apathetic gained ground for the Kingdom of God. We need to get out there and fight the war that is raging around us! Here are some ways to do this.

  1. Spend time with Jesus – set aside half an hour or more every morning to sit with Jesus, tell Him what your fears are. Tell Him what is hurting you and or what you may be excited for. Stop talking and listen for His gentle voice.


2. Read the Bible – this is all SO basic right? Right, so why are so many of us guilty of                not actually doing it? As God where you should go in the scriptures, pick it up and                  start reading. Ask Holy Spirit to show you important points. Ask Him to reveal aspects          of the Word that you hadn’t noticed before or that you thought had no relevance to                you.

If these seem too basic, please think again. They are core to our becoming a world changer as they help us build relationship and understanding of the God who made it all. Dive deeper into these practices and ask God to help you live with abandon and without fear of man or the unknown.

I pray for wisdom over you and a fresh revelation of how amazing our God truly is.

With Great Love,

K.L Pezzutto


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