3 Ways To Convince Your Man To Wash The Dishes


Just imagine this: it’s been a very long day. You have spend a majority of your time at work then come home to the task of crafting a fine tasting meal (aka ramen or spam). In a little less than half an hour, the hubs arrives. About one hour later the meal is entirely devoured, leaving nothing more than an unruly stack of dishes perched atop the kitchen counter. You eye each other, wondering who is going to make the offer first and wait. The tension is so thick you could cut it with some not cliche sharp object… does your husband accept the dreaded task that lies before him?

To ensure that he will indeed subscribe to this challenge I have a couple tips that I have picked up in my year and a bit of being hitched with a dude.

  1. Create a schedule then, for the love of Pete, STICK to it – veering from our homemade schedule definitely affected my husband and I. Perhaps this sounds silly and a little elementary but really, it helps. Lets say, I work until 3:30 pm Monday – Monday and am able to make dinner each day that week (end)…this means that my man will clean up those dishes after every meal that week (end) (unless there is a super special circumstances…and I mean SUPER special…) Knowing and sticking with that simple routine gives us both a sense of peace and understanding of our duties; we will schedule as such.

2.  Don’t leave piles – I am not talking about fecal matter… although it has been a long              day and oddly enough, potty humor does tend to bring me WAY more joy than it                      should at times. I digress…try to create meals that require as little clean up as                          possible. I have found it beneficial to wash little items along the way so there is less              for Mr. Hubs after he has combined his challenging day with a plate of tryptophan. He          will thank you for not leaving piles and will be more willing to make certain he has                thoroughly completed the job that has been assigned to him.

3. Gratitude is key – remember to thank him for the work he has done, even though it is            indeed something that the two of you decided he is in charge of. When your man feels          affirmed and appreciated not only will he be encouraged he will, most likely,                            reciprocate with the behavior that brought him the thanks in the first place. It is                    likely that he will compliment all your hard work as well, thus making both members            in the partnership  feel valued and affirmed in what they have done and are doing!

By no means is this list exhaustive! If you have tips that you would like to share please do so in the comments below.

Once again, thank you for reading! I wish you the best of luck as your convince that hubby of yours to start cleaning those dishes.

K.L Pezzutto


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