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Your Feelings Are A Big Deal: Here’s Why


As I sit here I am trying to count the millions of times I have heard songs whose lyrics sounded something like this: “I’ve got these feelings for you”…”shoot for the stars; if it feels right then aim for my heart…” I poked my tenth digit into the air a while ago. Trust me, songs with these kind of lyrics could go on and on and on…feelings appear to be a very popular theme among the pop stars.

Based on what I have said, perhaps you have caught onto the theme I am throwing down.


My bad…

What I am trying to say is that even though popular pop culture tells us the opposite, feelings are not always indicative of reality. In other words, just because we feel something in our gut, heart our otherwise does not make that thing reality. Nor does it mean we should act on that urge as it might not be a good choice for our character and ultimately our well-being.

Feelings are not always indicative of reality.

Unfortunately, this is a tough mindset to switch off but it is pertinent that we learn to do this. Why is it such a big deal to keep our emotions in check with  reality? Hmm… let’s see.

Let’s say I’m experiencing an awful day. My goldfish ended its own life, my fiance split up our engagement and I have come down with an unforgiving case of the shingles. My perception of these events may lead me to believe that I am not loved and valued. They may also lead me to believe that there is not a God watching out for me or that He has my best interests in mind. I may start to believe that God, if He is real, is a big tyrant with no regard or care for me. These beliefs, that seem to sneak into our minds so easily, have the potential to completely shift our worldview and the things that we value greatly.

As another example, let’s say…I have never dated anyone and it is rare that anyone is interested in a romantic relationship with me. I may start thinking that I am ugly, unlovable and not valuable. This may lead me to wear extra makeup, tighter cloths and change the location I spend my time at each weekend. I may retreat into myself, put up walls and not let anyone in. I might live life “normally” but with the thought that I am faulty stuck in the back of my mind. What I think of myself, based on my circumstances, could change the way I interact with life! That’s crazy powerful.

After looking at it this way, wouldn’t you say that each circumstance has the potential to make me believe the worst lies about myself and the God who made me?

As you can see, this is where feelings that may seem harmless are actually quite dangerous…

Please consider this super short post as a reminder to keep feelings in check with reality!

Just because someone says something rude about you or you lost that promotion at work, does not mean that you are not valuable or lacking as a person. Just because you are not dating anyone or your husband is too busy for vacation does not mean that you are not worth the time!

You are who God says you are: valued, loved, cared about, secure, beloved. That is the truth and will always be!

K.L Pezzutto





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