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How To Find Purpose In Your Monday


It has been a crazy week! I find it very unfortunate that I have not been posting as much as usual…this has been due to the fact that I was gone all last week and will be gone this week as well. In the short amount of time that I have I wanted to compile some thoughts from the trip I took this past week and mold them into encouragement for you and for the week that lies ahead of you.

Since I hit the kindergarten classroom many moons ago it has been clear to me that I am a bit of an overachiever. I strive to be excellent in my writing, friendships, University classes and in my summer work. This is all well and good but I have noticed that all of this “keeping up” has, quite ironically, left me in the dust.

All the dust inhalation from the past twelve months led me to vacation in beautiful, balmy Mexico.

This time of vacationing was meant to be a space for adventure, risks and rest. While it proved to be all these things there was a key component that was missing from the mix, a VERY key component.

While I was there I did not make time to sit and meet with Jesus every morning (the ONE thing I needed to do the most…yes, even more than sip mango juice and nibble on flaky taco shells).

Something about not spending time with Christ really threw me off. The days I chose to spend away from the Kings feet did not feel the same as days in focused conversation with Him. I attempted to do things well throughout the day but realized that most of what I was doing I was accomplishing in my own strength, or at least trying to.

Here’s a very random totally fun little tip: if you are ever in the mood for a good taste of  schadenfreude tell an overachiever to rest and watch what happens. I bet you my front teeth that they will try to rest in the best way they possibly can. If this type of rest, the best,  is not achieved there will be meltdown…

Anyhow… I digress.

While in Mexico I realized the importance of making certain the most important part of my life was not put on hold while I strove to achieve everything else that needed to be accomplished. If the most important part of my life, relationship with Jesus, was not recognized then it’s a guarantee that I would try to achieve everything in my own strength (a guaranteed gong show). Does this sound familiar to your Monday-Monday situation?

Please take this short post as a reminder, dear reader, for you to always place what needs to be priority first in your life.

I also ask that you remember to spend the best part of your day with the reason for life, the Creator of every passion and dream that you hold. He has not given you desires for absolutely no reason. He longs to work something through you and with you. Spend intentional time with His word, talking to Him. Recognize His closeness to you as you walk through this beautiful week. Ask Him for joy and energy! He is SO much better than Red Bull…(and that’s no bull! Wow, it’s been a loooong week).

Relish in the fact that you have been made with a purpose and that God is WAY more passionate about your goals than you are. Trust that time with Him will strengthen your relationship with Him and lead you to listen to the still small whisper of His will for you.

Anyhow, enough of this! I pray you have one of the most educational, restful productive Mondays you have ever experienced. May you rest in the arms of the one who has destined you for great things. Yes, believe it our not, great things can be achieved… even on Mondays.

Much love,


Take some time to dedicate the day to Him while you listen to this amazing song ❤




One thought on “How To Find Purpose In Your Monday

  1. Beautiful!!! I was so haaaappy to read this lovely!! Greater n greater every time. Oops but I didn’t get the song. Maybe on the fB version. Looooove, Mama

    Dianna 🌹


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