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I Could Not Believe What He Was Telling Me…


The room in the church was small and packed tightly with about forty chairs. At first glance one might not think much of the aesthetics or acoustics. They might not think that incredible things had been planned for that place on that particular night but just because they did not have the audacity to think it into being did not mean that it could not be so. It was so…because God honors the smallest of situations, people and places. 

His ears are open to our whispered prayers or the ones we are too scared to verbalize. His eyes watch us cry in our pain and shout exuberantly in our joy. He cries and laughs with us respectively. Our God pays attention to the small details of our lives and will sometimes take us to small places in order for us to recognize this reality.

Last night was enough proof to me that this is a reality that I must recognize and honor.

Katie Pezzutto, the girl who wants to sell bestsellers, speak at nation wide conferences and see lives permanently and radically changed for the Kingdom of the King. Me, the girl who says, “if you’re not going big then you’re going home.” Needless to say, last night, in that small church room I received a reality check in the largest degree…

I was able to share my testimony about breaking free from multiple eating disorders and having my back healed by the Creator of all. After the speaking had finished, those who were in the audience came to the front for prayer. I had the honor of praying with a gentleman who had been diagnosed with lung cancer and failing liver. After telling Alex and I about his condition, the man proceeded to tell us about how his family rejected him and disowned him.

Because of my intimate relationship with Jesus and Gods grace I was able to speak truth into his life at the deepest of levels. I told him what the Lord had spoken over me on multiple occasions. I told him that he was not “alone” or “doomed to die”.

I told him the truth: just because others told him he was not worthy did not mean that that was the reality. I told him that he was worthy because the King made him for a purpose and a plan. The King fashioned him before the earth was created and willed him into being. I told him he was worth every nail that pierced Jesus’s flesh. I told him that he was bought with a crazy price and that Jesus desired intimate fellowship with him. All that I said was and is the truth for every person on this earth.

Gosh, God is good.

After about two minutes of us praying he and I were both sobbing, consumed with the peace of the Lord and His desire to not only heal our bodies but our emotional wounds as well.

At the end of the evening I stopped to reflect on all that Jesus had said and done in a place that others may see as insignificant. No, we were not attending the Oscars, Grammy’s or a megachurch. Our photos were not being plastered all over social media so that we could attain our value from others. We had been placed in a position to accomplish something of MUCH greater value… that is tending to what the world sees as small but what the Lord sees as the biggest thing, people’s hearts, souls and minds, using the Lord’s truth!

With all that being said, please do not discredit the smallest of things in your own life. If you have a child who wants to spend time with you or if there is a beggar on the street who needs your time and or money provide those things. Follow the example of the King and give, give, give individual attention to the “least of these”.

If you have been believing the lie that you are worthless and there is no healing for you please do not do so any longer. I have experienced healing in my mind, soul and body and am very pleased to let you know that there is a God who is powerful enough to break off any and all of your diseases (mind, body or emotional diseases). All you need to do is ask Him for His help. He will come and meet you in the darkest of places. He is the light!

If you have been told that you have been made for amazing things but have not seen any fruit of this, spend time with the Lord. We must make it priority to know and love the King, not just the gifts He gives and or experiences He will bring.

I encourage you to continue living in a way that pleases Him, spending time talking to Him, reveling in the small things and learning to appreciate the people He has placed in your life.

Many blessings and much love,

K.L Pezzutto




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