Overcoming Obstacles

A Confession: When Will You Be Good Enough?


When I was younger I used to write crazy stories about warring lands of ancient soil, crazy split end-haired 2,000 year old women and many other psychotic things I would rather not mention…

…but I just might do so in future posts…people usually feel better about their circumstances and themselves as a human being when they see that there are others out there who are equally, if not 100x’s crazier than they are…

Sorry, I digress. 

Despite my tendencies to loose myself deep within the comforting confines of my work I never dreamed of becoming the next great author, speaker or poet. Quite frankly, I didn’t care AT ALL. As a child, the only things that were on my mind  were making profit from Mom’s rhubarb patch, soccer, Kraft Dinner, friends and my Mexican puppy. I did what I was doing, writing up a storm, because I loved it and for no other reason.

Unfortunately, things changed…just a little bit. For some odd reason I feel pressure to create things that not only I but other people delight in and desire to read more of. More than that, I feel pressure to be something/someone great. In short,  I want people to like me and to benefit from my work. 

Do you ever feel this way?  I think a majority of us do.

Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this desire for greatness is a bad thing but I think it’s something that needs to be given a checkup every once and a while. The reason for this being: those of us with these tendencies tend to overwork ourselves and see very little that is truly worthwhile as a result. We don’t know when our good is good enough so we just keep going. To our detriment, we keep striving.

We finally scale the last rock to the top of the mountain, reach those goals, grab them by the horns and scream “success!” Our hearts drop when this triumphant gesture is met by nothing but a symphony of cold wind gusts. We feel empty and disheartened at best then we see the next mountain. We climb it, only to be met by the same feelings… we wonder “when will I ever be good enough for myself? I have the praises of others but still feel so empty.”

My friend, we will ALWAYS feel empty if we do not allow God to take the reins and have control of our lives. Only he knows what will satisfy us. He knows why He has placed certain talents and gifts in us.

It’s true, some of us may not be made to sing like Beyonce or stand on a stage to deliver a hilarious comedy act. Some of us may never be admired by millions but when we are in sync with Jesus we will walk the life He desires for us to live. We will walk a life that is worthy of Him and that, my friend, is all that matters in the end.

So, to answer that original question: how do we know when our good is good enough?

We sit down with Jesus, chat with Him about what He desires for our lives, read our Bible (this may sound OVER THE MOON cliche but seriously…it works), talk to leaders then proceed to walk out the life He has placed before us in the manner He desires. We keep our relationship with Him, constantly check in with His heart and walk with Him through life.

As we do this we can be most confident that when we stand before God (as one day all will) we’ll look into his fiery, passionate eyes and hear Him say, “well done good and faithful servant. Well done.”

With much love,

K.L Pezzutto





2 thoughts on “A Confession: When Will You Be Good Enough?

  1. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I can’t believe you are so wise for your age!! I really am proud of you and my prayer is that you’ll be able to feel that love, not just from me but everyone. What an incredible girl Gods given me!! The Best!! I love you Mom🐞🌹💗


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