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3 Ways To Launch Your Writing Into Success


(photo by Career Girl Daily)

Do you have a dream, a goal that you have wanted to reach for quite some time? Perhaps this dream is something you have wanted to do even since you were a child? I certainly do and it’s not a small dream. Why would I dream small when I have a God who is SO big?

This topic came up in conversation three days ago. A student of mine and I were talking about dreams. I had been talking to my class about my goal to become a published author, an author of many compelling novels. She was pleased to exchange thoughts and let me know her passion to be an Olympic athlete.

“But.” She paused and stared at her animated computer screen.

“But what?” I pressed. She smiled sheepishly and kept her attention trained on the screen “but I can’t be an Olympic athlete.”

“Says who?”I prodded.

“Everyone around me.”

“Not this person.” I pointed at myself and grinned. She stared at me for a moment then smiled before resuming her typing.

I wasn’t just saying that because I wanted brownie points with one of my students (one less person who might want to egg or toilet paper my car). I knew that she had a passion placed in her by the God of the Universe (because He is super amazing and does awesome stuff like that) and I was in a position to encourage it, do I did.

So here we are,  discussing the fact that the dream in your heart is not drivel. It has not been placed there arbitrarily and it is NOT impossible. If you are okay with it, I would like to share some advice with you. They are tips Lord has been placing on my heart with regards to success. I would not normally categorize them into steps but for the sake of flow I will do so today.

  1. Acknowledge the gift is not your own – God has placed something very special within you. Realize that this is something He has given you, not for your own glory but for His glory. As we grow in relationship with the Lord we realize that it is so much better for us that all the glory to go to Him. If it would come to us we would be prideful wrecks whose eyes were not on what really matters, people’s eternities.
  2. Practice – you may have a gift but that doesn’t mean the book or album is going to write and sing itself. You need to practice, but the work in and actually start the project you have been dreaming about!
  3. Join a community – become involved with others who have been given similar gifts to you. The Lord is kind to give us people who are similar to us but very different at the same time. We can learn SO MUCH from those around us.

I hope these tips are of benefit to you. If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comment box below! I love hearing what you have to say.

Many blessings,

K.L Pezzutto









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