Overcoming Obstacles

4 Steps To Calm Your Chaos

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Do you ever wake up and wish you hadn’t made the “mistake” of opening your eyes? Or even the “mistake” of waking up?

Is it so that as soon as you maintain consciousness, swirls of lies, questions and fears barrage you and it is terrifying? Have you ever experienced that?

Yes? First of all, it’s more common than you may think. If you have experienced this on a less intense scale this post is for you too!

I understand what it’s like to wake up the feeling that it is going to be tough day and that there is a lot to dread. I have recently been coming to find that this is not how I need to wake up.

I have come to realize that there is a LOT more hope than we may assume there is. I’m sure you can guess where that hope is found?

Yes…Jesus ❤

I bet you’ve heard this once, twice or a million times (that Jesus is the answer) but please bear with me because the advice I have for you is practical.

Yes, Jesus. Jesus is the answer. Our Gospel is practical and DOES relate to life now, even though the Bible was written over 2,000 years ago! Good grief, why believe in a faith that doesn’t work to heal the most broken parts of us? That is utter rubbish. When the Bible tells us that God is a God who heals they mean it danngit. Anyway, this is a topic I can and will (in my upcoming E-book) take more time to rant about.

So, here’s the deal, Jesus died so that we could have a relationship with the Father. Aka: He died so that we could approach the Father with our greatest needs and cares. He died so we would have direct access to our Father’s throne room.

In light of this, here’s what needs to be done in order to experience and maintain a peaceful mind:

  1. Set Time Aside (with NO distractions) To Spend That Time With God! – I have talked to SO many Christians who fail to do this and it breaks my heart. God desires intimate conversations with us. He wants to hear our hearts. He wants to hear our fears. He wants to meet us where we are at and provide comfort. He wants us to know that He is the one who satisfies above all else (what He does to accomplish this looks different but many). If you have tried this and feel as though it doesn’t work, remember, feelings are not always indicative of reality (often they are not).
  2. Read and Hear Truth-spend time in the scriptures, not just skimming but ingesting! Take time to ask the Lord questions about His Word and listen for His still small voice. While you’re at it, ask Him how He sees you! His answers are undoubtedly my favorite part of our time together 😀
  3. Allow Truth In-a good friend of mine and I were talking about “garbage in, garbage out” last night. I was convicted with the fact that I allow more garbage music and YouTube videos in to my life than spending time with His Word and with music that is speaking truth over my situation. When truth is being spoken, there is peace. Where there is peace there is no void that must be filled by striving.
  4. Choose To Believe-choose to believe truth even when you don’t feel as though it’s truth. Choose to believe it and keep asking God to reveal that truth to deeper parts of who you are. He will do this! The truth is, He has a plan and purpose for you being on this earth (and no, it is not to torment you for His amusement). His plans are SO INCREDIBLY good and SO SO SO satiating. You will not find complete joy in any else like you will find joy with your Heavenly Father. Trust me…I have looked to quite a few different things and they have never satisfied me the same way He has and does.

I hope this post has benefited you and left you with knowledge of the fact that God is a God of peace and wants the same for His beloved children.

Please let me know if there’s anything else you would add to it and or any comments you may have! I appreciate hearing anything you have to say.

Much love,

K.L Pezzutto






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