Overcoming Obstacles

4 Tips To Overcome A Victim Mentality


So many of us, even those of us who have known God for a super long time, approach Him as though He is someone distant and unamicable. It’s almost as though we are living in the days of temple sacrifice, terrified to get close to the Holy of Holies just in case He blows a gasket and incinerates our dreams.

Perhaps you haven’t felt the unrelenting urge to approach God in a gingerly fashion or felt the need to censor every second word you say. Perhaps you haven’t always tried to present the right evidence for your case when in His presence; if that is the case then hurrah! That is amazing! With that being said, I  know that at least a few of those reading this post have experienced those same feelings I still have when coming to God during devotional time.

This post is for those of us who feel that way. For those who do not have this tendency, feel free to read along anyway. You can learn a little more about us through it.

So…for those of us who do tend to feel this way, I would like to offer a little insight into the God we worship and trust. I would also like to suggest that feelings are not always  indicative of reality.

  1. His love for us is IMMEASURABLE-how cow…I’m not sure where to even start with this one. He has given us so much scripture to show us that this is indeed how He feels towards us. I am going to stick with a key factor in the Gospel. God send His ONE and ONLY Son to die for us. This may sound super cliche as it has been stated time and time again through the centuries. Please don’t allow it to become cliche to you. Ohmygoodness! God, the Creator of all the universes and of well…EVERYTHING gave His only son so that you could have a strong, Father-child relationship with Him, Love Himself. Jaw-drop much?
  2. He understands us -Jesus walked on this earth and took on the sorrows of humankind for all of eternity. He knows every piece and particle about us as we used to be, are now and will be in the future. He sees everything we will ever do but STILL loves us UNCONDITIONALLY! He is the best Dad a kid could ever ask for. He does not leave us or abandon us because of circumstance or his failures because He never fails! Love never fails!
  3. His mercy triumphs over judgement- the best example of this is Jesus on the cross. He knew we were complete failures but instead of sticking that to us, He gave us incredible grace and life eternal. Wow…this is true love.
  4. Like an anticipating parent, He LONGS to hear from you-you may not think your times with God are important. They are. I say this, not to make you feel as though you must religiously spend time with the Creator of the Universe, but because I want you to know that there is a crazy, good reason to. That is: your Father waits to hear what you have to say to Him, no matter what it is! He waits…He draws your heart in with unexpected surprises. He can’t WAIT to give you peace as you spend time with Him.

My hope and prayer is that you experience God of the Universe as a Father who longs to hear from you, tend to your needs and challenge you in order for you to grow in your purpose and calling. I SO desperately wish my words could describe in enough depth and detail to explain how true this is… for now, I dare you to believe it ;P

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Jesus

That He does folks… that He does ❤



6 thoughts on “4 Tips To Overcome A Victim Mentality

  1. WRITTEN LIKE A TRUE AUTHOR (except for holy cow, hee hee). I love this. Reminded me that He is my Father, the ultimate Father!! Thanks Katie. You make me so proud! Love Mom

    Dianna 🌹


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