Overcoming Obstacles

How Living In LA Changed Me


Fame is an attractive concept to many people. Once upon a time, I was not one to be exempt from this statistic. Because of my fascination, I did some interesting things…

Indeed, the thought of being pampered and fitted by Gucci himself, strutting on to the red carpet bejeweled in sparkling diamonds and blowing delicate kisses to my thousands of admirers piqued my interest to the point of avid frustration. Why couldn’t I be that? If I could be that then my life would be completely different. It would, in fact, be… complete! Or, so I thought.

I would watch The Voice and see fans cheering for their favorite coaches while thinking, “what if it was me that they were cheering for?” That would be so amazing! God, why was I not born with more characteristics that would make me attractive to the entertainment industry? Why can’t I sing like Ariana Grande?

I’m one of those people who, after finding something about herself that she doesn’t like, will work very hard to treat the ailment. This is exactly what I tried to do. I applied to be a model, worked extra hard at my image on Facebook, started writing more and researching more about writing, modelling, acting and singing. I figured that the more I was good at, the more I was recognized, the more desirable I would be and thus the happier I would be.

Did it work? Haha, does any vain, selfish, irrational thing work out for the sower’s benefit? Nope.

Not in the long run anyway…

If anything, diving into the deep end of my insatiable desires left me feeling dry and very empty. What I was doing made me miserable. Go fig.

I was ignoring the gentle voice of God and His unique calling for my life.

This morning, as I spent time with Him, we chatting about the concept of fame…The more I asked, the more He answered. He made it clear to me that fame was not what I needed. I needed value from someone. To be more specific, I needed to know I was valued by Him. Once He made this clear to me I asked Him for a HUGE favor: “Lord, would you please show me my value to You? This is the only way I will be satisfied.”

He quickly obliged.

As He touched my heart and made the much desired change, I started to realize that I was not made to be known and worshiped. I was not designed to be the one that people envy, dream about being or idolize. I started to realize that this was exactly what I DIDN’T WANT. There was WAY to much pressure attached and far to many responsibilities but even more than that, it wasn’t how the Creator of the world designed me to function.

Any worship is meant to go straight to Him, not to us, fragile beings bound for the dust from whence we came. If we worship a person we are praising an idol made of flesh and bones and guaranteed, that idol will let us down.

I’m not saying it’s not okay to admire someone for what good they do in the world, I think it’s great that we have people we can look up to; however, I caution those who look to celebrities to dictate what their lives will look like. I caution my readers against looking to people and modelling their actions in order to receive value from those around them. I also caution my readers to not look at the other side of the fence and think that fame, or even being well known and accepted by their community is what will solve their troubles.

It will not heal the deeper wound beneath, a strong desire for acceptance and value.

As a disclaimer, a lot celebrities are trying to figure their own lives out, much less have all the answers to yours… please keep that in mind before running to the tempting news feed at the side of your Facebook wall, the next “Be Fit” or “Cosmopolitan” magazine. The authors are usually trying to remedy a symptom and money while doing it. They will not be fixing a huge problem in your life. Guaranteed.

Instead of running to chocolate, fashion mags or friends who care but don’t have all the answers…run to Jesus ❤

I pray and trust that you will find contentment wherever you are in your life and with whatever goals you hold. Remember to lift everything, all your dreams and goals, towards the Creator of all, the One who has designed you and who has incredible things for you.

Much love,

K.L Pezzutto




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