Overcoming Obstacles

Confessions: The Secret I Wish I Had Told Her


I have yet another confession to make… one that you may find particularly interesting.

It all started at an 7-11 gas station in the Crowsnest Pass. My husband, Alex, had taken his freshly purchased hot dog to the condiments station. As he coated the pork/chicken/beef/God-knows-what with the dressings available I stayed behind to chat with the clerk. As I waited, I leaned against the table and smiled at her.

“Your curls!” I gushed. “Are they natural?” The woman, whose name tag read “Elizabeth”, gave me a shy chuckle as she shook her head “no”.

“Well, they are still beautiful nonetheless.” I grinned.

“Thank you…” She tilted her head sideways as she studied me. “I love your hair! If I could have your hair I would take it.” I raked my hand through my thick tresses, wondering if I should tell her the dirty truth about my super-long mane.

“Thank you… the only crummy thing about it is that it comes out in clumps.”

She looked shocked. “Oh?”

I chuckled. The way I had said it made me sound like a mangy mutt.”Well, it only does this because I have so much of it.”

Elizabeth started slapping sticky labels onto the cans set in front of her. “Still, I would take your hair over mine any day.” I grinned, still wondering if I should tell her the truth.

“Ready to go love?” Alex sauntered back with the hot dog and two toquitos in his hands. He came at such a good time but such a bad time. I should tell her. But no… she might think less of me if I did. I wouldn’t look as beautiful to her if I did…

“Yeah, I’m ready.” I turned to the woman. “It was nice talking to you.”

“Same to you.” She waved goodbye as we swung the glass doors open and stepped into the fresh air. As I waved back the glass caught my reflection and my attention. Why hadn’t I told her that I was wearing extensions? It was SUCH a small, stupid thing for me to think about but for some reason, the fact that I was wearing extensions was a source of embarrassment for me.

As Alex and I drove closer to the flat, smelly prairies I thought about why I had not been transparent. Why didn’t I want to tell her something that may make her feel better about her own looks? Why did I not want to look vulnerable in front of someone? Was I still cranky about the fact that we were leaving my beloved mountains? I took a good half an hour to sort through my thoughts before coming to an answer…

Pride. That’s what it was all about, my pride and lack of integrity because of that pride.

Some may think what I did, or failed to do, was not a big deal but I am not able to agree with them. As I stood in front of the till in silence I remembered a line spoken by Jesus, “One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much.” Luke 16:10. 

Let this small post be a reminder, as it was to me, that we must be careful to conduct ourselves in the most honorable, transparent way possible. If we are conscious in doing this with the small things we will be able to excel and do the same with the larger things in life!

You have been designed to do great things!

As a motto, start a wise way of life with great transparency in every day life.

Yours always,

K.L Pezzutto






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