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when prayer becomes striving

An excellent post by my insightful, fearless friend Charissa. I pray you are inspired and enlightened by the words of knowledge she has to share ❤

Charissa Faith

Breakfast on the porch.

Plain, tart yogurt mixed with fresh lemon juice, hemp/flax oil, local honey, and a sprinkle of oatmeal topped with pecans. It’s delicious (and you should probably try it).

I lean back on the rocking chair and sigh because this autumn morning is perfect. Then the cat comes.

“Why do you just come when I have food? Seriously, why don’t you just let me pet you, isn’t that enough?” And yes, I talk to cats. Exactly like that.

The cat, which shall remain unnamed to protect its precious privacy, tries to get at my breakfast bowl, fails, feels defeated, and then slinks away.

Who knew a cat could remind you of an important truth
(Those who know me will probably understand I’m very excited to finally have an excuse to post a cat picture on my blog. I like cats and know I will probably lose a handful of friends over this.)

Then I realize that God has…

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