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How Careless Words Almost Ended My Life

Beautiful business woman is speaking on conference.

It wasn’t until yesterday that I started to understand the detriment of the words I use in conversation, my writing or even the murmurs that were gurgling up from the depths of my heart. I didn’t realize the words I was thinking, feeling and speaking were actually the difference between life…and a living death.

I didn’t understand how important it was for me to be listening to certain words either. I’ll be honest, as always, and let you know that my choice of music left much to be desired… cough cough Maroon Five. Please don’t think I’m not saying they aren’t talented because THEY ARE but their lyrics are lacking a lot of those life giving words that our souls desperately crave… I noticed that whenever I listened to songs like Animals, Moves Like Jagger et cetera, my attitude dropped deeper into despair with each bumpy beat. I was singing a worldly, deadly mindset over myself and in doing so I was starting to believe that the best thing I could do is have a “perfect body”and that the best I could offer my husband was that “perfect body”.  Nope. Nope. Nope. This goes to show that what I was starting to believe was VERY far from the truth and it was happening from something that seemed so simple, listening to songs that taught me a certain mindset. Yikes!

Yep, words are powerful.

Up until last night, the words that I had allowed into my life were starting to be a really big problem.

Actually no, much worse. These words that I was choosing to ingest then spew forth were venom. They were not helpful to those around and me and causing pain to their source of their origin. They were actually causing physical grief to my body, a literal (and very chronic) pain in my neck and my back. You may be asking, “how does that work?” 

Okay, so. We are spiritual beings in a physical body. As a result, when we speak words of death, crap goes down. Since middle school and on I had constantly been talking to others and myself about how much I hate my body. Just writing this makes me cringe.Seriously… I hate writing stuff like this but I will do it because the message is IMPORTANT and vital to your freedom.

Now that I understand the power of the words I, as a daughter of the King, speak into my own life I choose to build myself up. I choose to love my body and no I am not learning to do so. I just love my body. When a doubt or disgruntlement about my figure pops up I CHOOSE to speak the truth out over the body I have been given, that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am a daughter of the King of Kings and I am LOVED beyond measure by the Creator of all things, including me. Amen? Amen!

So, let’s get a couple things straight: YOU, YOU, YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are a son or daughter of the King of Kings. You are LOVED beyond measure by the Creator of all things… the One who made you is in absolute awe of you. 

Speak these truths over yourself and your life will be changed.

Words are that powerful! Trust me. They can hold us in such awful bondage…Perhaps you are wondering what was I saying over myself?

Ah, lies that had been spoken over me by others. Not knowing my identity I had given my mind over to the death that those words held.

They told me these lies that I believed wholeheartedly: I am not well-educated enough to teach well and don’t have the brain to grasp complex concepts… I am nothing if I am not a success in worldly way…I are nothing because I am not a 6 foot rail who will model on the runways of Paris…God can’t heal; He hasn’t taken initiative with me so why would I do the same with Him…God doesn’t care…looking hot is my only answer to all of lives problems (HAHAHAHAHAH! NOOOOOOOOPE. Biggest lie EVER.)

Perhaps you can relate? 

If so then I suggest, oh so STRONGLY, that you would take the time to sit down, ask Jesus to be present then ask Him for forgiveness. He wants to forgive you for allowing lies into your life instead of truth. The reason we ask for forgiveness is because these lies have been damaging the body He created perfectly and loved so intimately. Renounce the lies that you have been believing and ask Him to fill you with the truth about who you are…

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. There is not a flaw in you. God planned you before the creation of the world. He willed and purposed you. He wanted AND WANTS you! You are welcomed into His arms. He is not an angry God who wants to lash out at you when you have made a poor choice. He is full of grace, mercy, forgiveness and an unrelenting passion for you.

It doesn’t matter what you have done, His love NEVER fails. NEVER! I know this because of my many mistakes. Even when I’ve made stupid choices or failed majorly in a certain area He still keeps lavishing me with Him love. He is incredible.

As always, I welcome comments, questions and concerns wholeheartedly in the comment section. Please leave a note with your thoughts on this topic.

I would LOVE to hear from you ❤

Yours forever, K.L Pezzutto

Some truth to take in in exchange for the lies: 


6 thoughts on “How Careless Words Almost Ended My Life

  1. This is absolutely amazing!! Thank you katie for sharing these truth filled words that hit the enemy right were it counts!! Yeees!! You are an amazing daughter of the King,bold as a lion when Gods Word speaks to you. Press on to fulfilling your calling. I love you with everything in me❤️👑

  2. Nicely written!! What are your thoughts about someone who has done terrible damage to their body . . like carrying 150 extra pounds? Where’s the intersect point between the way we were made and the life we may have lived? Just trying to think about this conversation with another person. Carry on the good work!

    1. Thank you for your comment and compliment Cynthia!! I would say that the value of words applies to every person, including those who have gone a completely different way than I did. The intersect point… I would suggest that this depends on how many lies this person has allowed to govern their lives. I think every single person believes lies about themselves to a certain degree and that there are some who take those lies to extreme manifestation. Thanks to you, I would like to write a blog about this very thing: what does living a healthy life look like! I hope this answers the question, if not, please let me know! I love chatting with you. ❤

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