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Addicted To Chocolate? This Post Is For You


As a former addict, I have more than my fair share of funny and sometimes sad stories about my love affair with what’s known in my circles as, “brown cocaine.” I figured today would be a good day to share one of them, hopefully making you laugh a lot and think a little.

I plop into on our ginormous couch and start to unravel the deep purple wrap off my Cadbury bar. It has been an incredibly long day, my neck is killing me, my students didn’t seem interested in my lessons, my stomach is cramping (girls, you get me) and the Lethbridge winds are as horrible as ever (I will use anything as an excuse to eat chocolate).

“You are my sinshine my lovely sinshine you make me happy” I sing song joyfully as the rich brown goodness is revealed. Smile. Bite. Ahhh. It tastes like rainbows made of warm caramel. Unfortunately, the sensation lasts only for a moment before it disappears in a melted brown trail. I must eat more! I keep taking bites until the entire bar has made its way into my stomach. Then I sit there, with even more on my mind than when I first started eating. I feel empty inside and kind of lonely… isn’t this supposed to work? It says so in the movies. They always seemed so happy after demolishing tubs of ice cream.

Yeah, no. That doesn’t work.

Although this story is slightly humorous, is also a fairly accurate depiction of the state of many lives. We run to substances when we are not content with what is happening in our lives. Am I right? Yes, I know I am.

We run to these things whatever they may be, status, boyfriends, husbands, drinking, partying, being thin or eating way beyond our fill.

Do they ever satisfy?

Can you tell me?

Maybe they do for a little while but what happens when push comes to shove and you don’t have any chocolate, chips a boyfriend or a husband? What happens when your world falls apart and you are broken beyond belief?

I, being fed up with my stupidity, decided to start running to Jesus. I decided to stop doing what I had always done (comfort myself with substances) and push past what society said was normal (and even okay) in order to explore the depths of the Christian life. I knew there was more that would actually satisfy me. I knew it.

I was right. I have never gone back. 

There is something so refreshing…so invigorating knowing that I am known by Jesus. He offers peace for pain and beauty for ashes. He heals with his left hand and with His right He holds my hand lovingly. He is SO MUCH BETTER than a chocolate bar or a bag of chips.

I bet you can’t spend time with Him just once. 


Yours forever,

K.L Pezzutto


(photo cred: presscdn-0-39.pagely.netdna-cdn.com)


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