Life With God

Do You Really Think I Am Beautiful? Part II


As a disclaimer, I realize that I have told my readers they will be receiving my posts only on certain days but sometimes…sometimes I just NEED to say something. Please bear with me on this one, haha.

Have you ever stopped to marvel at a glowing sunset or paused to look down at tufts of ocean as they crash violently against a solid rock face? Have you ever walked through an archway riddled with freshly bloomed lilac then stopped to breathe in deeply? How about Waterton? Have you ever been to the piece of land riddled with giant peaks frosted by the elements: ice, snow, compacted dirt and thick pine? The place is gorgeous! Isn’t it? I may be taking a step too far beyond the realm of believable when I say this but perhaps you, like me, feel this way about the hot dog shop in Waterton… it is arguably one of the most beautiful things a hungry travelling may stumble upon.

Point being, there is so much beauty around us and yes, we appreciate it. We crave it. We long for it. But have you ever thought that the beauty that emanates from the creation is the Creator asking a question of His created? The thought, that was all but fleeting, popped into my mind when I was in Waterton yesterday, peeking up at the steep cliff faces.

That humble question being, “am I beautiful?” It struck me like a rock falling from a high cliff, this was the question that I, a finite being, had asked of many different people and it was being asked by the God who made me? I also took His question as a declaration of sorts. He knows that He is stunning, enthralling, overtly more overwhelming than anything He has created and yet He wants us to understand that this is the truth by asking us the question.

“Am I beautiful?”

Jaw drop.

I challenge you, precious reader, to take some time to ask God to reveal His beauty to you. Ask Him to reveal the beauty that you are, that He has made you to be. Also, please remember that when you ask the question, “am I beautiful?” He is ALWAYS the first to chime in, like an adoring husband enamored by his bride. He jumps up and shouts for all the world to hear, “yes! Yes! My daring you are lovely. You are beautiful there is no flaw in You and you are mine! I love you. I love you.”

Smile and rest, reassured in the fact that God does not lie. He will not lie. You are stunning. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, no matter what shape you are dammit! Society is twisted. We all know this. Find your assurance in the hope, joy and rest that your Creator gives.

Much love and admiration,

K.L Pezzutto


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