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Why Do We Strive To Be Known?


I have a secret to tell you…

If peddling for the attention and affirmation of others was a crime I would be convicted without second glance, thrown behind bars and given no chance of parole. No parole. That’s right…it’s sounds pretty awful doesn’t it? Being locked up within yourself is NOT a nice place to be.

But it’s so common isn’t it?

So many of us have been sucked into the world’s definition of success, thinking that if we have a couple hundred photos of us looking extra fly, that glitzy promotion we fought to attain or the letters p, h and d in front of our names people will start paying more attention to us and that when people finally pay us some mind life will be smooth sailing.

Right? Ehehehe….

That was my mentality.

I can tell you now that the Jolly Roger has popped to soar above open waters, the rusty, old anchor has been yanked from the sand and the boat is undertaking yet another journey. The ship has sailed because the above strategies don’t work… at all.

Before writing this blog I realized I needed to address the heart behind why I desperately seek that attention and not just ignore my desire. I needed to know why I look to others to validate my worth.

As I was having this much needed conversation with God, I started tell let him know…

“Even if I become nothing…even if I can’t claim success in any area of my life, I want to know that I will be content.”

As soon as I finished, I realized where the root of my skewed my mentality was. I was working under the assumption that in order to “be” anything of value I had to work for it. This is SO counter gospel. The Lord says I am a princess, a daughter. A beloved one who does not need to work for affection or affirmation, ever. Yet, here I am, thinking I must become something glorious in order to be recognized.

I am already seen and known by the God who knows and loves me, despite what I have done and continue to do.

I do not need to strive in order to fit with societies standards when I find my delight in being with my King.

This is my prayer for you, that you may cease any striving and realize how perfect you are, no matter what you have or haven’t accomplished and no matter who knows your name:

Lord, would you please show the cherished reader how perfect they are in Your sight, that they need not strive for love and affection from others, including themselves. Father, I ask that You would bring incredible balance and wisdom to their lives and that they would know the ways to walk. May they know which endeavours You have lovingly placed in their lives for them to accomplish. 

Now, go out in your identity and knock em dead!




3 thoughts on “Why Do We Strive To Be Known?

  1. This is awesome Katie!! My phone won’t let me into word press, or FB to share it!! I’ll find a way. Keep writing Katie, you get better n better … trust me, you’re gifted Love Mom

    Dianna 🌹


  2. Katie.. You have put into eloquent words the struggles of so many! Praying you will forever know in your heart of hearts that you have a good good Father ( that’s who He is) and you are Loved by him (that’s who you are! ) oxxx

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