Romantic Relationships

5 Attractive Qualities Many Women Look For In A Man

Getty Images: Dave and Les Jacobs

As soon as I started writing this post my husband, Alex walked in. I couldn’t help but shoot some ideas off him before continuing and of course… in no less than thirty seconds Alex started spouting off Napoleon Dynamite quotes like they were the Apostles Creed…”numb-chuck skills, bow-hunting skills, computer hacking skills… girls only want boys with great skills…”

Of course girls want boys with skills but what kind exactly? I’m here to tell you what…

  1. Light fixing skills
  2. Toilet cleaning skills
  3. Snow shovelling skills
  4. Mopping skills
  5. Dusting Skills

That’s it man! Go make it happen… kidding. I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that…no. Let’s be serious now. The following are attributes, not just skills, that I prayed for in a husband and received.

  1. He Is Passionate: I can’t stress this enough. Truly, I can’t! That man’s passion for Christ must come before his desire for you. This will be of great help to the both of you while you are dating as well as in the long run. If a man knows and loves God and has a relationship with Him he is accountable to your heavenly Father, who wants the best for both of you.
  2. He is Ambitious: men who see life and what they want out of it are HOT. There are no ifs ands or buts about this (unless his methods is not altruistic and may jeopardize the rest of the known world). Many women like a man who is on a journey and wanting to take them along for the ride.
  3. He is Humble: I have seen many men out there who puff themselves up and do not like to hear the opinions of others. This is potentially one of the biggest women deterrents known to mankind.
  4. He Is Gentle: the man woman look for is one who will not use his words to hurt her but to encourage her. Sometimes these harsh words can come out of a place of pride
  5. He is Intelligent: there are many kinds of intelligences… I don’t deny this. I also don’t deny the fact that a man who understands his strengths and weaknesses is pretty darn attractive. If he practices meta cognition (thinking about what he is thinking about) on a regular basis, he is seen by many as cream of the crop.

Well, that’s that! Best of luck with your endeavours and PLEASE let me know if there are any more qualities you think might be a good addition to this list!







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