Life With God

A Confession…



Well, here I am, the morning after a night of cuddling up to Alex, watching Dumb and Dumber and shoving popcorn into my face… everything that we had planned and did sounded so excellent and in a sense it was but something was…missing. Someone was missing.

As I sat down to have a chat with my Father this morning I realized that He had been neglected in the utmost parts of my heart. I had given far too much time and effort to other things that didn’t matter half as much as my relationship, my time, with Him.

If you find this is a struggle with you too feel free to keep reading what I said to Him.

              My God, it seems like the things I spend most time with are those that I care most about. I need to not only apologize and repent but to ask You for the strength to spend more time in Your beautiful presence.

I understand there is a time and place for everything, yes. There is a time for me to style my hair and apply makeup, a time for me to check my phone and answer emails. There is a time to study hard and to spend quality time with friends. There is a time for me to write books and submit proposals…

Something I most often forget is that there is plenty of time to do that and that those things are good but that they are happening in the wrong order…I have been allowing them to come first.

When I spend the first parts, the best parts of the day with you, all of my priorities come into check. I am better educated in the things I want to be. I have more peace because I know you are in control of all outcomes. You are a good Father who secures my life in Your hands.

So Father, this lent I have chosen to put you first above all other priorities. Please give me strength to remind me that You are good and You are worthy of the best parts of me day (You are worthy of all parts of my day)…

May this be yours prayer as well… may the One who comes first be given first priority, always ❤

Yours always,




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