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Where I Have Failed…Please Forgive Me


On February 14th, 2016 I made myself promise myself I would not compose some gushy, lovey McDovey posts. Although some hard to resist titles did cross my mind…  “5 ways to snag lover-boy” (what in the whales tale is a lover-boy?) or “ten best ways to kiss” (haha! Like I would even know that)… Needless to say, I felt somewhat under qualified to write anything fruitful and stuck to my promise. Thankfully and for the general good of the populace I didn’t fling any overdone material into social media space; however, I did find that there was something else on my heart, a seedling that was cultivating. I studied the idea then gave the thought a couple days to grow before looking at it…

I realized that a problem I desperately endure and an area is which I have failed miserably is in the inability to truly love.

I won’t lie to you. Acting in a loving, gentle manner hasn’t been my most recognizable nor my best quality. It doesn’t come naturally to me when my beliefs or worldview aren’t regarded or something frustrates me. It doesn’t come naturally when those around me are annoying the Bee-Jesus out of me either… when all of this is happening and I am caught in the heat of the moment I find myself disregarding the hearts of others.

Perhaps I’m the only one…?

From what I have recognized, many of these feelings come from selfishness and my inability to listen. I think they also come from my passion for what I believe but are sometimes misconstrued as being harsh.

They come from my inability to sit back and get to know the person speaking as opposed to defying their views and instantly thinking of ways to retaliate and get my foot in the door so to speak.

In this post I challenge myself and my readers to try one thing this week: love truly! 

Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean this in a corny, cliche, ridiculous way but in a way that will make you want to want what is best for the person sitting beside you at the board meeting, the restaurant, University classroom or high school hallway.

This love I speak of doesn’t equate to sleeping with someone you have just met without thinking about their well-being or calling up a friend and begging to get together because you have no one else to hang out with. I mean love, like real love! Laying down your life for your friends kind of love.

I mean love, like real love! Laying down your life for your friends kind of love.”

Because that is what love is and was always about, giving of ourselves for others in a unselfish way. Gosh it’s hard…but my goodness is it ever worth it!

Do you want to make a difference in this world? Start by loving truly…

Yours truly,






2 thoughts on “Where I Have Failed…Please Forgive Me

  1. A loving heart is certainly something to aspire to. It takes all the Jesus within us to love someone who isn’t being loveable – someone who has lashed out or harmed us. Great words here. Thanks for sharing.

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