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Dear Reader: You Are Known

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As I sat down to write to you many ideas and topics popped into my mind. I could talk about which verses to read that would turn a perspective into a worldview or ways to make the scriptures come alive. I could even list five easy steps that will help you overcome the giants you face in this life. All those things would be wonderful and possibly moving but that’s not what the Lord wants to speak to you today. How do I know that?

Well, I asked. 🙂

James 1:5If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.

This verse has saved me from a lot of havoc and made me feel quite silly when I haven’t turned to it. Please remember to ask when you need to know something. He will always answer in His timing ❤

After I asked that important question the striving mentality melted away. In its place was a message of tranquility, rest and the knowledge that someone else is fighting for you, dear Reader, and taking time to care for your deepest needs, regardless if you see it all times or not. You are not alone in whatever battle you are facing. He wanted me to tell you that.

The Lord also showed me, in my mind’s eye, a field dressed in myriads of iridescent flowers. Each one was incredibly unique in hue, color and texture. Each one was stunning and exuded a lovely fragrance.

The Lord zoomed in on one flower, a rose, and showed me the many layers, the many layers that make up your personality and being. He showed me where certain petals had been pierced, ripped or destroyed by the elements or by others. Although there were hurt components of you there were also petals that were full of life, emanating brilliant colour, a great beauty to the eye.

He told me that He was absolutely enthralled with this flower, all parts included. He derived great joy from simply looking at His creation and being in the presence of the one He had made. The creation did not need to be perfect by its own works. It could not make itself perfect. This was an impossibility that tended to exhaust the flower.

The King of Kings, knowing the efforts of His beloved, bent down and knelt in the dirt beside this one flower. He looked at it with incredible love and tenderness then began to care to the frayed pieces. Gently but firmly He plucked away the broken petals. He grimaced with each pull and gently ran His finger over the broken petal before laying it to the ground.

He turned to speak to me and said, “Katie, I come to the dirtiest of places…” I smiled and nodded, knowing full well that He does this for me on a daily basis. He makes me new, made me perfect. This is why I am passionately in love with Him.

The Creator of Heaven and earth, the Maker of everything, was getting His fingers dirty pruning the flower He so adored. Although it hurt Him it was for the ultimate good of that delicate flower and the flower owed Him nothing for it.

He looked up from His work once more and spoke to me, “tell them to not work for my love.” I nodded and beamed while the warmth of joy surged through my heart.

“I will. I will tell them.”

So here I am, letting you know that God sees you and knows you. To Him you are a radiant beam of light, a joy to His heart, his delicate rose. All He desires is for you to allow Him in to gently prune the painful moments and shame of the past. He does not see you as the moments you may use to define yourself.

If you want for this to be the case feel free to talk start speaking to Him. Here’s a good way to start:

Heavenly Father, gardener of my heart, You are welcomed into my life. You are welcomed into my heart. Please show me Your gentle goodness. I want to trust You and know that You are trustworthy.

 Reader, you are so loved.

Yours forever,







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