Romantic Relationships

5 Things To Think About Before Getting Married



Marriage is growth inducing, incredibly. Sometimes it’s so sanctifying that all you may want to do is scream at the top of your lungs “STOP THE MADNESS”.

Please don’t get me wrong. That’s not to say marriage is awful. God made it so who am I to say it’s not worth your time; however, there are some things I did not expect when stepping into one of the biggest decisions of my life.

I have compiled a small list of things that you may find helpful for when you do decide to get married!

  1. Mi moolah es tu moolah: your money becomes your spouses cash and vice versa. Any debt on either side will need to be taken care of. If it is not paid off this may present an issue for both sides. Try your hardest to make note of any debts before entering marriage. If they are paid off before you tie the knot there will be less stress on the two of you. Take this from personal experience.
  2. You start sharing a bed. (Thanks Captain obvious) this may sound wonderful but trust me. It’s not always a great experience. For some reason one of us wakes up to every blanket ripped off us while the other arises with a well-rested smile.
  3. You gain extra family members who may bring along some extra thought, prayer and responsibility.
  4. You are joining with someone of a different upbringing. My husband’s family is okay with loud, very loud. Good for them but not so good for the girl who has very sensitive ears and grew up in a household where any kind of flatulation is frowned upon ;P
  5. You will need to decide who does what around the house. During the first months of marriage I could not help but be a little distraught about the nasty bread crumbs on the counter and the fact that the floor was always dirty, no matter how many times it was cleaned! The two of us had to come to a certain consensus about who did what around the house in terms of cleaning. This applies to cooking meals as well.

As a woman who has experienced the ups and downs of marriage I strongly suggest ruminating on these things and figuring out how to incorporate them into your lives. Sit down to have discussions with your better half with regards to them and save yourself much heartache!

All the best ❤

Much love from the Pezzutto people



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