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Why I’m Okay With Playing The Fool


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I wrote this poem in a free writing session after our professor read us the book, “The Way to Stand A Day”. The premise of the book is about worshipping and thanking the sun for the brilliant day that was about unfold.

What I wrote in response holds great meaning to me and will hopefully be of meaning to you as well.

Lyrical, beautiful, the rising of the sun

Beginning of the day
The night has left, it’s over, it’s done
As I rise to see the strands of golden glory I can’t help but ask a question
“Why worship the created and not the Creator of that sun who has blessed it?”

If man could achieve and form a star or planet or gravity or orbit then, indeed he has gone quite far
If man could create skin, hair, nails and teeth or mould the intellect of intelligent beings
I would praise him but alas’ he cannot
Oh, but can he?
No, he cannot.

As I listen to the intellectual conversation around me sometimes I find myself leaning out
Who are we, created beings, to say we hold the key to the Universe and it’s myriads of mysteries
alas’, we cannot
Can we?
No, we cannot.

It’s rather foolish to worship a created one
In fact I would find myself undone
To pay homage to an inanimate deity who doesn’t even know me
Why would I praise the thing set in motion by a mighty force so masterfully?

I will start my day by taking time to praise a Creator and not the created
I lift my eyes and hands to the One
Whose adoration compels His beloved, formed by His hands, the masterpiece who He loves
I lift my voice to a God who sees beyond the noise and clutter of my mind
The God who sees deep inside and who calls me His…and He is mine.

As I watch the glittering light as it intensifies and I am overcome by its brilliant hue I can’t help but think about the fact that I am loved by Who?

God, the Creator of all.

It’s true, I’m loved so passionately by the One whose intellect designed and made me!
I find myself amazed and standing here, bathed in warm sunlight, more than happy to play the fool.


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