Overcoming Obstacles

Becoming A Model And Overcoming Perfectionism


If you are one of those internet creepers who can connect themselves to whoever’s computer at anytime and had a way to hack my search engine you would discover a BIG JUICY secret…you creeper.

I googled “how to become a model” the other day!

That is fairly tantalizing as far as gossip goes but what you didn’t know is that I left the results with my proverbial tail between my unshaven legs.

After my vain hunt I discovered that I, with my 5,3 frame would never, EVER be the suitable height or weight to become what I would love to be, a runway and magazine model. Sigh…

I discovered I would never be good enough to be what I want to be and it actually made me feel physically ill. I had discovered something I couldn’t be perfect in something, no matter how hard I tried. It wasn’t physically possible for me to stretch my skin and bones far enough to become 5,11. Omg!

The truth is, we all have a little perfectionism (excellence) in us. Each one of us houses the desire to do great things and be looked upon with esteem and high regard. I think it’s wonderful to have this desire but we need to be careful with how much weight (pardon the unintentional pun) we put on our ability to accomplish these things.

Take it from me.

I lost time valuable time thinking about the fact I would never strut the runway as a rail thin, Victoria Secret model with fake wings strapped to my back. I groaned and griped to Alex about it and tried sucking my worth from him for a while. “Alex, do you think I’m beautiful…”

When I had finished acting like a child I started to wonder, why is the fact that I can’t do something perfectly (or at all in this case) so bothersome to me?

I pondered the thought and came to this conclusion: I tried being something extravagant, beautiful and envied because I wanted to feel valuable.

I tried being something extravagant, beautiful and envied because I wanted to feel valuable.

If I could just be a model... then I would be worth something to someone (mostly to myself; no one else who runs in my circle cares about this kind of crap).

I realized the importance of understanding how valuable I am as a person despite my size and that if I didn’t take the prescribed route of cognition I would be a goner, in a completely hopeless state.

For those of us who struggle with thoughts of insignificance and little value due to the fact that we don’t amount to anything in the worlds eyes I have some great news.

There’s a way to overcome those dreadfully untrue thoughts.

3 Tips to Overcome Crippling Perfectionism:

  1. Realize your value doesn’t come from people. There is a God who made you in His image, with dreams, passions and niches. That God loves you passionately and wants to see you succeed in the areas He has called you to. He doesn’t care if you look like an airbrushed Barbie or like you just crawled out of a swamp. He made you and thinks you are the bees knees chick!
  2. Repeat the truth. Speak life over yourself. I am fearfully (with great care and reverence) and wonderfully made by the God who made every piece of me and LOVES ME to bits!
  3. Spend time with people who enforce the truth and help you pursue the goals you are called to attain! We are meant to be overcomers and influencers in this world. We do not grow in our full potential when we spend a majority of our time with people who do not call out the beauty in us.

In conclusion, I may never be a sexy, smoking hot model with her lips parted looking like she was just electrocuted by a bug zapper (ummm thank God?) but despite the fact, I have value. A butt load of it. I will not allow myself to miss out on things I am good at just because I can’t achieve everything!

Just because I ain’t sporting pumps with fake angel wings strapped to my back doesn’t mean I’m not worth all that. #ValuableBeyondThisWorld

Please tweet that.


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