Romantic Relationships

How To Choose The Best Guy

Who is this… “Best Guy”? I suppose my definition of the best guy must be spelled out otherwise this entire article is too vague. After I define this man you can decide to keep reading or not.

This list is by no means exhaustive! I, in my limited scope of understanding, have included qualities that I admire and find very important to the strength of a relationship.

Katie’s Qualifications: for seven months I have been married to an Italian stud muffin who exhibits all of these qualities and more. After seeing how amazing it is to have a humble, gentle, compassionate, financially wise man in my life I want the same kind of man for you, whoever you are!

The Best Guy

  1. Will treat you like gold even when you don’t shine or even care to
  2. Will learn. He is willing to do so!
  3. Will not be threatened easily by other men
  4. Will not have deep seeded anger issues
  5. Will communicate his feelings in a respectful manner
  6. Et Cetera!!

Now to the meat of the matter, three tips for choosing the Best Guy! My apologies if some of these tips mirrors others you have read… each one of these is spoken from personal experience.

Realize that this man, no matter how sexy he is, does not hold the key to your validation. This man will never made you completely happy, that is Jesus’ job let Him take care of it by approaching Him and asking Him to.

  1. Watch how he treats your family, especially his mother and sisters. How he acts towards them will be the way he acts towards you. It’s actually true!!!
  2. Question yourself: does he have a strong sense of metacognition? Aka: is he able to see things in himself and work towards changing them for the better?
  3. Ask the people who know him what kind of man he is. Is he gentle, patience, forgiving and sweet? Is he wise financially? There’s no harm in being a detective.
  4. Is he humble and not prone to anger? If the answer is “yes” you have someone who exhibits some marriage material qualities! Congrats 😉
  5. The last is best, as usual: Make certain he desires the will of God above all! You will see this in his actions and his speech, the way he treats others and the way they speak about him.

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