Overcoming Obstacles

Cyanide Turkey

Orange, yellow and red leaves float lazily across the canopy of the heavens then hug themeless closely to any terrain that will have them. Crisp, blue skies mark the top. The smell of harvest marks the bottom. The sound of bickering over a turkey, the horrific consistency of the mashed potatoes and who forgot to take their medication marks the middle.

Indeed, Thanksgiving is a time to remember everything you’ve been blessed with but what happens when you’re stuck in a room with a bunch of people who are just as imperfect as you?

What will you do when you aren’t sure which family member has substituted your tryptophan for cyanide or when your younger such-and-such won’t acknowledge you because you didn’t answer their whiny text, sent the day previous? What if the only thing separating you from these people is a plate of mashed potatoes, some undercooked green beans and a giant, dead bird? Oh Lord… my husband thinks I’m cynical at times. I, as unbiased as I am, would say that these words reek of practicality. What do you do?

I don’t have my PhD yet but I can take some time to answer. Ahem…

I wish I could wave a wand over everything and make some circumstances and certain people disappear.

                        (Rude? No, I think we’re all just too Canadian sometimes. Sorry.)

Oh, goodness. If only that wand were real…I wish I were able to do such a thing but no. I do not have access to such a brilliant piece of technology (this is probably for the better good of the human race) Please don’t leave! There is still good news. Yes! I have learned something nifty this thanksgiving.

 Here it is: I am a judgmental, rotten, selfish sinner with her own closet of filled with skeletons. I look out for myself as number one and expect everything else to do so as well (is this due to a severe case of OCS “Only Child Syndrome” or a result of the fall? Feel free to choose which one to blame, just as we all do).

Whatever the reason, it’s a reality. I suck at times. We all suck at times.

 (This is pretty depressing for a Thanksgiving post isn’t it? You’re welcome. I admit to have looked at Facebook and have seen everyone else’s perfect Thanksgiving. In light of this I figured I should rock things up a little. I think it’s necessary that we “screw ups” show the people with perfect lives what the imperfect people deal with.)


Anyhow, I am pleased to let you all know why I need a Saviour! I thank God that I can see how awful I am at times and depravity of my heart.

Do you know what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving? Ditch the potatoes, they cause far too much controversy and no, I’m not touching that cyanide filled, “specially made” piece of turkey but thank you!

Please give me my Jesus. I just don’t know where I would be without Him.


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