Life With God

Go For Coffee With….Who?


It’s a common inquiry, a strategy used to break the proverbial ice and a keen way of digging deeply into another human beings’ twisted psyche. Are you gripping the edge of your seat? Oh. My. Goodness. I can do all those things with one trick? You sure can and it’s not even magic.

You ask people an itty, bitty, little question:

“If you could enjoy a giant mug of steaming caffeine with anyone in the world today who would it be?”

Would that person be old, young, famous or infamous?

(Someone infamous? Seriously? You naughty beast you).

I’ve heard answers like:

“My great, great grandmother.”

“Elvis Presley…”

“Adam Levine…”

“Rebecca Vanderpyl!”


Jesus! Hehe. Yes, now that’s the response I like to hear. Whether or not that person was asked the question at Sunday school is none of your wee, little business.

In all seriousness though, why choose to spend a single day with? Why not choose to spend every day with Him?

I won’t lie, it would be pretty amazing to walk with Jesus on earth, listen to Him talk and ask Him questions face to face but when we accept Christ into our hearts Jesus’ Holy Spirit lives in us! Fact.

Some people become very distraught when it comes to addressing Christ in this day and age…”It’s not the same. It’s not easy to connect with Him. I never connect with Him.”

If you feel that way I suggest a solution:

Give yourself fifteen minutes daily to sit with your Creator. Ask Him questions. Listen. Read His Word. Seek Him heart. Ask Him to reveal more about who He is to you then SEEK! Don’t give up. Is that how we are to treat our relationships? No!

And this is the most important one we’ll EVER HAVE.

When I’m told that God doesn’t speak to people today I cringe. Elohim took His time, used a myriad of different authors over many years for varying perspectives and wrote a HUGE book filled with how we ought to live, how He sees us, what our purpose is… et cetera. And yes, He also speaks through a still, small voice. He speaks in ways that are intimate and very special to us.

It’s beautiful.

We, the Christ followers, need to ask Holy Spirit for guidance when we read it. But let’s not give up because some of the cultural content doesn’t make sense to us. Let’s dig deeper.

It baffles me…how can someone be a “Christ follower” without being intentional about getting to know his or her Leader? We are mandated to do so if we claim to be “Christ Followers”. This is what being a “Christian” means for hairy heavens’ sake.

If you know Christ but do not feel close to Him please don’t take this message as condemnation but rather as inspiration. Let’s do what we, the Christians, have been called to do. Let’s get to know the Almighty God.

Let’s not merely wish to walk with Him; instead, let’s actively seek the Lord’s presence and daily bask in His glory.


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