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The Importance Of Relationship

I grew up in a church where no one mentioned the intricacies of identity or the importance of relationship to me.

No one talked to me about having a jesusandboyrelationship with the God we worshipped. The result was as follows: I didn’t know what I meant to this God or that I was even good enough to talk Him. I didn’t know He could be talked to. I also didn’t know who to turn to when my life started falling apart.

Looking back now I realize that if someone had mentioned that it was vital for me to “know my identity in Christ” I wouldn’t have had the slightest clue as to what that meant.

What did it mean to know my identity in Christ? Perhaps this sounds super complicated and not worth your time. I’ll let you know, from personal experience, what’s actually complicated: living a Christian life void of realizing how knowing this identity should affect and change my life. I found this out the hard way and realized that living life without communicating with Christ was the worst thing I had ever learnt.

Not only is having a relationship with Christ not complicated it is also vital to our walk as Christians. It is necessary that we have daily talks with God so we can know how the Lord feels about us, thinks about us that we know what position we hold in His heart and His Kingdom. What we have been given is a very precious position indeed and will change how we see our world.

When we know who we are and what we’ve been created to be we can start asking our Heavenly Father to bring those truths to the forefront of our minds. Christianity isn’t all about watching our foul language, reading our bibles and praying every day. Christianity isn’t even about loving people the way Christ loves them.

It’s so much more intricate, intimate and beautiful than that! Yes, these things are good things but they are not the things that make our faith amazing. They aren’t what bring us comfort or console us when we feel like we can’t do things perfectly (which, by the way, we never will. We are perfect because Christ is perfect and He died for us so The Father can see us in the same way He sees Jesus.). They are fruits of having a relationship with The Father.

On another note: I have talked to many church-going people who have told me that they are unable to have that relationship with God. They’ve told me He never answers or that He is never present. Is this because our God isn’t true to His Word or is this a result of us not knowing our identity as sons and daughters? Is this because we approach our loving Father with apprehension or hesitation and don’t expect a thing to come of it? I think this is the case. When we know how MUCH the Father loves us and how well He knows us we will want to bare our hearts to Him. This is the way it goes with any relationship really. It must be a two way conversation. We must talk to Him and tell Him how we are feeling. We must ask Him for answers. He will answer us. Even if it’s in ways we don’t expect they are always the right ways. Oh, He is so beautiful and complex ❤

I don’t say this to guilt-trip anyone in anyway but really, we must realize He has shown us how much He loves us by giving his life on the cross. I can guarantee you this would not have been an easy, painless death. It would have been excruciating emotionally, physically and spiritually for Jesus and all those who loved Him.

I can attempt to paint a picture of what that would have looked like for Jesus’s mother, brothers, and heavenly Father and it’s guaranteed that I will cry as I do.

What our God gave was a HUGE sacrifice for us. He died to give us that connection to the Father. The connection that many of us Christians often take so lightheartedly and shy away from because we don’t think we’re good enough or we don’t believe He is good enough.

When Jesus died God chose to see us in the same way He sees His perfect Son. If we have been baptized and profess Christ as our Savior and Lord of Lords God sees us the same way as He sees His Son, perfect and blameless! We can approach the throne without fear and with confidence in knowing that our Heavenly Father wants to hear what we have to say. He cares so deeply about our hearts.

Bare your heart to our Lord today and ask Him more about what your purpose is in this world. Ask Him about the identity He has given to you and listen for His voice. The way He speaks is not limited to our understanding. Just speak then listen. Ask and prepare to receive because our God always answers.

Matthew 7:7 says, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.


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