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Do I Miss Her?



Do cows miss cud, celebrities miss attention and your Mom miss you when you move out to start your life at University? Gosh darn it! Of course I miss her.

Her name is Chelsea Courts… Thiessen. She’s got three names. It’s supposed to trick you into believing you can’t eat her… kind of like how the bugs, reptiles and certain birds do. Anyhow, I just wanted to tell the world (aka my three followers how are my world…oh boy) how much I love this woman with the three names (she actually only has two. They are Chelsea and Thiessen. Personally, I think Chelsea is more of a girls’ name but the haters are going to hate no matter what your name is!)

I would also like to remind folks of the importance of friendship. There are some so worth keeping and mine with her is exactly that. I’ll tell you why:

There is nothing like having a friend who will challenge and strengthen you, who will pray for you when you’ve fallen or if you’re struggling with something. Nothing! This is who Chelsea is so I wanted to honor her with a poem.

Bride in white, blushing cheeks beneath the veil

That veils nothing

We all can see how you’re smiling

Your teeth we can see

Friend of ours so content and filled

with joy and with ecstasy

we know she knows we can feel it too

What a beautiful day for the lady to say, “I do.”


Months later her life is all settled down (haha)

She’s moved across the county but she’s coming back around

Because her friend’s getting married

Right after her


Funny how that happens

I suppose there’s no cure

For growing up too quickly

The arrangements were made to be sure

This friends’ dream wedding would come true

It did it did

Which is why I write this to you

My sweet friend


As a thank you

And to tell you that I love you

And will talk with you soon ❤



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