Overcoming Obstacles

Wedding Make-Up

I call the process of working towards the wedding day “accumulating make-up” alongside a myriad of other unreasonable verbs, adjectives and nouns (when it’s a crazy emotional day which has been the story of my life lately). What I mean by “accumulating make-up” is that the occurrences leading up to the wedding will indefinitely add layers to what the special day will look like. Throughout this trial run I have been delighted by some of the layers while greatly disappointed by others. Some of those layers have been super clumpy and nasty while others exude pristine smoothness. Some will scratch and irritate like dirt while others slip on like a top-notch Chanel primer. For humors sake I will share some hypothetical layers of wedding makeup:

  1. Your first experience meeting the Ontario side of things is an absolute gong-show. It turns out that one of your fiancée’s sisters is switching over her medication and now licks windows for fun. On the bright side, two members of the family are as freaked out as you are!
  1. People who don’t know either you or your fiancée decide it’s time to start advising you on some pretty deep stuff (you know, the usual: discouraging the marriage, telling you the proposal was not good enough and that your fiancée ought to do it over.) Wowsa… some people’s kids.
  1. You start to feel so crazy because of all the emotions coursing through your body that you start fabricating fictional traditions about the Scottish people and their outlandish weddings. You then proceed to read them to your friends and convince them of their truth.
  1. Ah yes, my personal favorite: enjoying the scarring experience of hunting for bridesmaids dresses when there is less than three months before the wedding. “Mmmmm sorry Hunnie pie…” she drawls with that fake southern accent. “We don’t have any olive green dresses in January. They’s come out in February and if you get your dress then it will cost your bridesmaids an extra $60 or sooo.” Okay, fair enough. But why does she fake that accent is what I wonder. We are Alberta for Pete’s sake.

On a less cynical and slightly more didactic note, these odd, frustrating, enlightening experiences have undeniably shaped the foundation of my fiancé and I’s wedding.

While planning for the festivities we have encountered negative and positive opinions of our choice. Because of these contrasting opinions Alex and I have both had to do some soul searching. We have had to lay our desires, every plan, frustration and confusion at the feet of Jesus and wait on Him for answers.

Through this process we have learned we can’t get things perfect (the way everyone else would have them). Instead, we have grown to realize that Jesus must be allowed to be the Master makeup applicator (is this statement sacrilegious? I surely hope not). What I mean by this is that we must allow Christ to cover any blemishes we may exhibit. He will do this using His righteousness (a covering we were given when we accepted Christ’s sacrifice).

Question: are you planning for your upcoming wedding and afraid of all the details? Please be encouraged in knowing you don’t have to worry about what others say (in saying this I am not suggesting godly advice is a bad thing but letting you know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.) We may mess up and smudge like crazy but the Gospel holds some great news!

That is: He uses everything for good of those who are following Him. Rest well and know that you can trust Him to apply His righteousness to all those crazy layers.


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