Creative Writing

Gentle Ferocity: A Sestina

The cry escaped with hope and I felt no comfort

I am riddled by memories and shrouded by darkness

While ruminating on wounds I heard

His roar echoes across the dark chamber

I’m sure of it, the beast heard my wails and smelt fresh blood

I could not escape him; my pain was too great

His figure looms; he is large and great

The terror within me rises again; I feel no comfort

My blood

Boils within me as he approaches the darkness

He walks closer to the entrance of my chamber

The pain is overwhelming; I sob quietly so I can’t be heard

Why must it be now that I am heard?

By this creature so great

By a beast not afraid of this dark chamber

Could he, King of Beasts, bring comfort?

This darkness

Shrouds my dark art; I sketch portraits with the blood

His large paw pushes open the door and dips into the blood

My pain has been heard

Light prevails over the darkness

I look up to see his eyes; they are gentle but great

My heart jumps then rests; I feel warmth and comfort

I’m about to be freed from this chamber

He releases a roar; it echoes throughout the chamber

He wipes away the blood

No more terror is felt; his presence is a comfort

I am heard

By the King of light, he is so great

The only one whose power chases away the darkness

I look up; gone is the darkness

Only brilliance fills this chamber

The lion is a warrior of light; he is great

My fears are wiped away with the blood

From where I crouch I know I am still heard

I glanced in his warm eyes, “Are you here to bring my comfort?”

He responded with truth, “I am great. I’m here to bring relief and clean this blood. I am here to bring light to darkness and scurry the rats from this chamber. Child, you are heard. Your fears are dissolved in my comfort.”


One thought on “Gentle Ferocity: A Sestina

  1. Wow. That is a powerful poem and image of who God is. The mighty, ferocious, lion. Reminds me of a scene in The Chronicles of Narnia where Lucy and someone were talking and she asked, “Is he a safe lion?” And the other replies, “Safe? Heaven’s, no! But he is good.” (paraphrase)

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