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Thy Will Be Done…Thy?

(A little excerpt I had the pleasure writing for Grammar class; you may find it interesting!) ;P

I assume you’ve all heard of the Bible, correct? If it’s true that you are familiar with the collection of books I’m sure you’ve all heard about the thee’s, thou’s, thines included in older versions. Well, I have found that the Bible is filled with truth. Despite the struggle older translations tend to bring the Bible is filled with truth. It is my favorite book of all time; I can’t help but soak up its contents like a parched sponge over spilled liquid.

Despite the passion I have for the Bible I never understood or took the time to learn anything about the archaic use of thee’s, thou’s and thines. If anything, those words drove me crazy. I always thought good ol’ King James had written something that sounded archaic and stuffy. It didn’t seem right to address the God I call Father as “thee.”

Anyhow, I made it a priority to switch over to the New American Standard Bible as soon as possible.

Again, Vivant English!

Now to my point.

Dr. O’Donnell mentioned something I found very interesting in a meeting right before our group’s presentation. He mentioned the fact that the “thee,” “thou,” and “thy,” mentioned in the Bible are quite informal. The speaker who used these words meant to be addressing God as “Abba,” “Daddy,” “Papa,” or “Father.”

How magnificent is that? The real meaning behind those “old,” “stuffy” words describes how I know my heavenly Father to be.

What an excellent revelation (pardon the pun). Thank you Dr. O’Donnell!


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