Writing Tips

The Brevity of Us

Years have passed us by, In those years, my we’ve grown,

Through the ups and downs we’ve seen, And countless seeds that we’ve sown,

We’ve grown together, And are stronger because, The grace Christ grants us,

We thank Him for the way He has loved,

It’s wonderful to realize that no longer like leaves do we blow about in a wind stronger than we can take, Tossing to and fro,


Thanks to His grace and power we’re anchored in His love, Deep, unquenchable, a flame that’s brighter than youthful passion,

Thanks to Christ

And His amazing love we’ve experienced, mind you, less than a fraction, There’s much joy and stability that we’ve known,

Thanks to our Christ we’ve left a legacy,

To be remembered by, The two became one and as one blessed His Holy name,

We know people will wither and die, the most well known will lose their fame, external beauty will be lost, intellect will fade,Image

But we are assured of this one thing: That He, King of Kings, in all His glory, splendor and fame…

It is He, Christ alone, who stood and stands before all time

Only will He forever remain. ❤


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