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A Little Excerpt- The Fisherman’s Daughter

Hello friends! I am writing a book for middle school aged children! I call it the Fisherman’s Daughter. I thought I should share a little bit of it with ya’ll. Please, I encourage you to let me know what you think…. please add suggestions for revision as I would greatly appreciate them!


“Before long, gritty dirt replaces the feeling of cedar beneath my feet. I am no longer sitting on a boat with Savta. No longer can I feel the rocking of the waves or smell the odorous fish. I know I am now a young visitor being welcomed into a world fabricated by imagination and story telling; it is a world that is different and similar to my own. I hear the villagers in the distance and know their tiny village is vibrant and bustling with life. I smell freshly baked bread and sizzling fish; their familiar scents reach my nostrils and tempt my rumbling stomach. I’m aware of where I stand; my feet are atop a wide, dusty road. I notice how it explodes with dust as wind gusts blow onto it. I cover my eyes and squint into towards the town. I know this road twists towards Nazareth. I can’t wait to visit the village again. The wind whispers through the tall weeds surrounding me on both sides. I smile while watching them bow towards the village. “Home of the King.” They say. “Netzer, the dwelling place of the one who will bear much fruit.” I don’t know what they are talking about but find it silly to ask them what they mean. All I know is how the excited tones of their whispers stir something inside my soul. “Come, come.” They say. Obliging, I fly through the tufts of dust and allow my hand to brush reeds along my way. Much to my delight, the worries of my day are quickly shed. Their presence tossed away and forgotten as a lizard skin to the wind. I am in the sandals of the young girl. My Savta describes her as strong but gentle; I am Adina, daughter of Amias. I don’t quite understand why, but I feel as though I am a part of a very grand story.”


One thought on “A Little Excerpt- The Fisherman’s Daughter

  1. Beautifully written Miss Green. I can feel myself being drawn into the story right from the start and you have a way of keeping me on my toes t see what’s going to happen next” Love it!

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