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My True Father

This little number is a prose about an earthly fathers shortcomings as opposed to the absolute perfection of our heavenly Father.

This poem is personal. God has helped me forgive my dad for his lack of presence and complacency in parenting me. I praise God that by His mercy and grace I know I have a heavenly Father who will never sleep or slumber. I Thank God that we, as Christians, have a Father who will never fail. A Father who ALWAYS wants to hear about how our day is going. A Father who will never abandon or abuse us in any way.

He is the True Father.


  • He didn’t know how to love you precious daughter of the King. Perhaps He looked down on you or never gave you the time of day. perhaps he didn’t know how to speak words that would bandage the wounds. instead he spoke ones that sliced yet another nerve. and down came your inhibitions and protection. down came your sense of worth and value. 

For those of us who know the hurt, we say thanks Dad

for doing the exact opposite of what you’re supposed to. for being gullible and following the crowd. hope you enjoy rocking that style. hope “just once more” doesn’t hurt you.

Like it has hurt us.

Yeah, you’re okay. after all, it’s only going to happen just this once…. 


thanks for a sense of worthlessness we’ve receive from lies you’ve believed. you have passed those on. they’ve insinuate our lives. like a struggling flower that life unfolds. you didn’t deal with the trials of your past. instead you have so lovely passed down every insecurity to your daughters.

thanks Dad…

——to this, your little girl does say to the Dad, the King who will never or forsake: 

True Father, I need healing. His name is Christ. He is the giver, supplier, the fountain of life.

My Father. my lover. my best friend. the One I will be vulnerable with. He will never leave me. He is my everything now and forever. Because of Him my heart fills with warmth. it surges with joy when I speak His beautiful name.


By His redemptive power my life has been changed. He renews my mind day after day. my , my Refuge and Strength, my peace. My God.

He whispers truths to me about who I am. 

Beloved child of a great King. Loved by I AM I am.

My true Father whispers things to me that you would never say. He says I’m valuable, honoured, a treasure. someone worth pursuing. for me there unlimited moments and minutes to send my way. this He does and is doing. 

He tells me that I am His princess. I can speak up and say what I think. This is who I am! Deal with it!

I’m covered in His righteousness. i am free. free from guilt, from shame and pride. free to run freely or snuggle deep into His side. I’m free because I can now see me in my heavenly Father’s eyes.

And He smiles.

He is our True Father. ❤






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